The Library has the following facilities: 

All material must be returned no later than 15 minutes before the closing time of the library.


  • Loan conditions: 3 hores 
  • Loan conditions: 3 hores 
  • Loan conditions: 1 day.
  • You need to ask them at the counter of the 0 plant


  •  Loan conditions: 3 hores 

          Casio Model Fx-570SP X II - Fx-991SP X II


  • NIKON Cool Pix 5900 and Panasonic FZ 45
  • Loan conditions 3 hores. 
  • It must be ordered at the counter on the 0th floor
  • Loan conditions: 3 renewable hours 
  • Chargers for Iphone, Android, and Type C smartphones
  • Loan conditions: 3 hores 

The Library has 3 EPSON Scan DS -50000 scanners. Access without "login".

It is remembered to respect the Law of the Intellectual Property under the responsibility of the user


A3 library scanners etsab

  • Slimline Multi Card Reader USB
  • Loan conditions: 3 hours. You must ask for it at the counter of the plant -1


  • Loan conditions: 2 days
  • You must ask for them at the counter of the 0 plant.


2 LED light tables A3 for self-service use in the Library's scanner room and 2 more that you can borrow:

  • Loan conditions: 2 renewable days

Laptops loan for days

If you need a laptop to study or prepare lessons from home, we leave one for you.

They are borrowed and returned at the Library's lending desk (floor 0)



  • Loan conditions: 3 renewable hours


"Hitchy Tripod"Hitchy Tripod 42-inch for any type of entry-level mobile phone, iPhone, GoPro and SLR


  • Loan conditions: 2 renewable days

Last update: 16 / 02 / 2023