Of all the services offered by the libraries of the UPC, to the Library ETSAB highlight:

We attend to the counter of the plant -1

We solve queries on search for information for the study and research on areas of architecture and urban planning specialization.

We produce bibliographic guides on themes and buildings and specialized search help guides

Subject guides

You can contact us by phone at 934 017 471, per chat or in the mail biblioteca.etsab"Arrova"

You can also send your queries through the form


etsab specialized information service


We have the loan service for the following equipment:

Equipment in the Library 


All material must be returned no later than 15 minutes before the closing time of the Library.

Measuring instruments of the Department of Technology in Architecture


Access restricted to users of the UPC.

Equipment for the inclusion of functional diversity

We offer you a variety of rooms and multipurpose spaces so you can "live" the Library as you choose.



Spaces. Check out its features

La Factoria is the service for the PDI for the recording and editing of academic activities, scanning of all types of materials (slides, photographs, ...), retouching of images and advice on web pages.

Do you need a camcorder to make a recording?

Procedure for booking video equipment  

Public registration and communication authorization form version in Catalan Spanish version Inglese version


The material is published in Zonavideo of theETSAB, the new platform of the UPC. The Video library UPCommons remains open but does not support new recordings.

etsab factory


The Intellectual Property Service (SEPI) of the Service of Libraries, Publications and Archives of the UPC, offers basic information on the copyright that must be respected both in the creation of a work and in its consultation, reproduction, distribution, public communication or transformation.

All the services addressed to the PDI of theETSAB and to the departments, to support the teaching, research, publication and management of the Information are on demand.


Support for ... posting 

  • Selection of the journals to publish
  • Publication in open access (UPCommons)
  • Compliance with the requirements of national competitive projects (Law of Science) and Europeans (2020 Horizon)
  • Intellectual property, copyrights and ethical use of information 
  • Publishing books, magazines, etc.


Support for ... research

  • Bibliography Reference Managers (Mendeley)
  • Interlibrary Loan (PI)
  • 2.0 tools applied to the search
  • Information skills training
  • Search for specialized information
  • Localization of information sources (databases, etc.)
  • Management of data generated in the search


Support for ... visibility, impact and evaluation

  • Futur: Production portal for researchers at the UPC
  • Quality of the information of the publications
  • Support for information from the research group and the researchers
  • Access to the full text of publications
  • Visibility of publications to improve the impact
  • Accreditations (quality marks of publications)
  • Quality review of DRAC publications
  • Request for remarkable congresses


Support for ... research identity 

  • Scientific name
  • Choose from the unique Bibliographical Name (NBU) of the author and the research group 
  • Duplicity of author names in Scopus and Web of Science 
  • Scientific identifiers
  • Publons
  • Scopus Author ID 
  • Identity in the social networks of research
  • Altmetrics and Google Scholar Citations


    If you can not find a document on them libraries UPC, you can use: 


    - PUC: Shared catalog with other Catalan universities. Most books can be taken to the 'ETSAB at no cost


                                                                     Search in the PUC catalog



    - Interlibrary Loan (IP): If it is not available or you cannot find the document you are looking for, you can apply for Interlibrary Loan. This service has an economic cost.


    Request a document for PI

    IBRA ( Bibliometric Indicators of Architecture Journals) is a system that informs about the quality records of journals in the field of architecture.

    IBRA is aimed at teachers and researchers in the Schools of Architecture to respond to the needs of having a list of quality journals to publish and disseminate knowledge to the international community. It is also a tool at the service of universities and state or regional evaluation agencies in the area of ​​architecture.

    ibraupc. Edu

    The development of informational skills is staggered in the different studies taught by the student.ETSAB in some subjects of the teaching plan. In addition to this offering, we organize training sessions for newly admitted undergraduate students and workshops for master’s and doctoral students to improve their skills in locating, evaluating, and using information effectively.

    We organize training sessions adapted to the different levels of connection with the University:



    Informa't  Request an information session



    Last update: 25 / 05 / 2022