• To consult the old holdings, you must present your card UPC or, failing that, the researcher card, DNI or passport, together with the duly completed form or consultation forms.
  • You can ask to consult several works but only one will be delivered to the user at a time.
  • You need to work with pencil. You can also work with the user's computer or electronic devices.
  • The consultation must always be made at the table reserved for restricted access documents.
  • If you leave the room for a while, you must give the books to the librarian of the room. Never leave books alone.
  • In case of documents in poor condition, the Reserve staff may refuse to consult them.
  • To consult the fund, it is necessary to wash your hands well beforehand. The library will provide gloves to avoid leaving marks on books. 
  • In the case of large, fragile or very old books, it will be necessary to use the cushion provided by the library staff and follow the instructions for their correct handling. 
  • The book must be treated with care without opening it excessively by tightening the binding (using a pillow for consultation), turning the pages little by little, etc.
  • Books with rigid bindings cannot be opened at an angle greater than 90 degrees

To order. A company with specialized equipment does the reproduction at the expense of the applicant

The books in the old collection of the Library of theETSAB have been lent for the following exhibitions:  


  • ORIENTALISMS The construction of the imaginary of the Middle East and North Africa (1800-1956) - Valencia - IVAM - 06/03/20 to 21/06/2020 - extended until 27/09/2020

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