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Imagination is a fundamental skill for finding solutions to problems, to which we have often already spent hours or days.

There are board games that integrate deep mathematical thinking, games that help develop skills such as multi-step problem solving, spatial reasoning, pattern recognition, resource management. Get excited to play!

The library gives you a game and invites you to try the proposals and challenges of various types, in our library we offer you architecture board games: single board games, cooperative games... Choose what you like best!

Games can enhance the learning process and encourage skills such as creativity, concentration and memory.

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What games do we have?



A resource management, strategy and rivalry game set in architecture from 1900 to 2019. Make your collection of 8 buildings the most valuable on the table. For this you will have to save and build the most beautiful architectural works... if the rest of the players allow you!.




                                                                                                                                            How do you play it?



In this game, your table will become a grid of blocks and streets. Each building you build will alter the value of adjacent buildings. Rotate the cards to change their values, resolve their effects, and do everything in your hand to become the best architect in town!


How do you play it?


 Brussels 1897

Year 1897. Art Nouveau takes over the streets of Brussels as the World's Fair opens its doors. The time has come to inscribe your name in art history. Bruxelles 1897 is a strategy card game based on the board game Bruxelles 1893.


How do you play it?


Citadels Classic

Try to build the best city of all and be named Master Builder of the kingdom. Impress the nobility with your ability to develop cities. This great game is back, winner of numerous awards and considered a true masterpiece of modern games. In addition, this classic version includes the original characters and all the artwork from the first edition of the game


                                                             How do you play it?


secret code : play with words : discover the spies!

In this game only the spy bosses will know which words correspond to their agents. The rest of the team will have to find them only with clues made up of a word and a number, but they will have to avoid pointing out the words of the rival team and, above all, the killer.


         How do you play it?




Werewolves of Castronegro

It is a social game of deduction, mistrust, suspicion and survival.

The small town of Castonegro is surrounded by monstrous enemies. Players assume the roles of its various inhabitants and organize to uncover the murderous werewolves and save their home


       How do you play it?


Jenga Classic

Jenga is a game of skill, where you will need skill, strategy and luck to win.


 How do you play it?



1 board game (200 wooden blocks); 35 x 25 x 15 cm. in a cardboard box.

Simple and educational construction game with wooden pieces of the same size that fit together without glue or fasteners. It stimulates the player of any age and encourages them to explore and overcome their own limits by developing creativity, ingenuity, logic and perseverance. From 2 years. Players: 1 or more




                                                                                                                                     How do you play it?


Modern Architecture

Game with almost 1000 questions and 200 images of modern architecture on different categories (style, influence, architects, projects...). Complete the questions and test your knowledge on the topic.

From 2 to 5 players



                                                                                                                                         How do you play it?

The Red Cathedral 

It is already clear that the Cathedral of Saint Basil will become an incomparable monument, destined to go down in history. Construction teams cannot be left behind, and the best professionals and skilled craftsmen will have to be found in every corner of the Duchy of Moscow.


How do you play it?

Welcome. Towards the perfect home

Welcome is a game where everyone plays at the same time with the same cards. It's about combining the house numbers with their associated effects in the most intelligent way, to become the greatest architect in history!


                                                  How do you play it?


Zoom in Barcelona

Find the best views of the city of Barcelona to win a photography competition. Take pictures of its fantastic points of interest and ... dragons!


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