In the libraries you will find different spaces adapted for different uses: to work individually or in groups, ICT learning rooms, training classrooms or informal spaces.

Some of these spaces are equipped with computers. You also have borrowed laptops and plugs to connect your laptop.

All spaces have connection to the Wifi UPC.

We have 101 group work rooms with more than 630 seats.

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We have different spaces that adapt to your needs. 

The spaces are different in each one of the libraries depending on their capacity and their characteristics. 


Sustainable libraries

La Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and its libraries we have learned that a large part of the energy consumption does not depend on what is already given (the building, equipment, systems, etc.), but depends on us, our gestures, habits and dynamics We have learned that, just input, very simple and effective things allow a reduction of 30% of consumption. In addition, thousands of people in the procession circulate every day for our facilities, therefore, we have the duty of giving an example and helping to forge habits.

The Library, Publications and Archives Service, together with the Library,Office of Sustainable Management and Equal Opportunities  We have drafted a guide with guidelines, criteria and protocols to achieve a rational and sustainable use of energy used for the operation of the libraries of the UPC:

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The general conditions of access and use of the spaces are regulated by the Conditions for accessing and using libraries: regulation of library services UPC (Agreement No. 53 / 2006 of the Government Council of 30 of May of 2006).

Last update: 24 / 01 / 2022