Catalog of libraries of the UPC

The Catalog of the libraries of the UPC It is the tool that allows you to locate the documents in any format found in the libraries of the UPC.

Direct access 

In the Catalog you can find the documents deposited in the libraries, both in print and in electronic format. It also includes documents that are found in departmental departments, research institutes or other basic units of the UPC. Use it to search:

  • Books, magazines, maps, movies, DVDs, dictionaries, etc. in physical support
  • Books and electronic journals, free of charge and payment.
  • Thesis and TFG, PFM, dissertations, ... of production UPC in physical support and in electronic support to full text.
  • Search and save, print and export the results obtained
  • Access your personal space, from where you can make reservations and renew your loans
  • Save preferred searches and generate periodic alerts
  • Check your reading history
  • Find information at Collective Catalog of the Universities of Catalonia (CCUC) and access other information resources

Last update: 08 / 01 / 2019