How do I publish my TFG / TFM?

Once you have finished, defended and approved your final degree work (TFG) or final master's degree (TFM) you can make it known; publish it.


A basic aspect in the preparation of any academic work at the UPC (final degree projects, master's final projects, dissertations, etc.), is the prior knowledge of academic regulations with which the corresponding school or faculty regulates all aspects related to its creation and management: enrollment, presentation, deposit, defense, evaluation and / or dissemination.

On the other hand, the authors of academic papers should also know the specific requirements that your teaching center, department and / or work coordinator tutor have been able to establish (according to the aforementioned regulations): job search, enrollment and delivery deadlines, submission requirements, constitution court formation, calendar of defense acts, public communication authorizations, etc.


School / faculty regulations.

Al Academic Works Deposit of the UPC d'UPCommons on the final studies are housed (TFG, TFM) created by students of the UPC. The purpose of making them visible, accessible, preservable and retrievable freely by any user via the Internet as long as there is no confidentiality clause (in the case of work carried out in a company or institution with specific clauses).



Intellectual property  It is composed of personal and patrimonial rights that attribute to the author the full disposition and the exclusive right to the exploitation of the work.


Industrial property It is a "set of exclusive rights that protect both the innovative activity manifested in new products, new procedures or new designs, such as commercial activity, through the exclusive identification of products and services offered on the market"


Last update: 06 / 11 / 2023