We present the specific services that we offer you:

On-site services

We offer you a variety of rooms and multipurpose spaces so you can "live" the Library as you choose.

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Because we not only provide books, we also offer everything that can help you in the development of your activity: laptops, e-readers, calculators, etc.

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We resolve search queries about EPSEVG's specialization areas, whether for your studies or research.

We deal in person at the loan desk, but if you prefer, you can also send us your queries through other means:

See service letter which the library offers to help you in your research.

Because we work to be a nexus between the different EPSEVG collectives and we want your passage through the University to be a complete experience, we open the doors to the realization of non-strictly academic activities within our spaces and we collaborate in the realization of:

  • conferences and talks
  • workshops
  • exhibitions
  • screening of documentaries
  • exhibition of projects
  • Joc'n'Rol (board and role play sessions)
  • Drive UPC Vilanova

Let us get your proposal and make it happen together!

The digital certificate identifies electronically and reliably the members of the university community, and allows to sign electronic documents with a signature that is equivalent to the handwritten signature.

We can record the T-CAT digital certificate in the card UPC. If you are interested, request an appointment.

What is the digital certificate for?

If you need a place to leave your belongings during the day, we offer you:

  • 52 locksmiths (to leave the backpack, helmet, etc.)
  • 5 seats of guardarodes (to leave your longboard, electric skateboard or folding bicycle)
We advise you Do not leave your belongings unattended When you go out to make a coffee or go to the sink.

Virtual services

For those questions that need an immediate answer, you can find us on the other side of the screen through the chat (look for us as biblioteca.epsevg). We are available from Monday to Friday, from 10.00 a.m. to 14.00 p.m.

Keep in mind, however, these considerations:

  • You must use your credentials UPC (name o name to establish the chat. Once you have accessed it, write biblioteca.epsevg inside the search box and you will find us. The green color indicates that we are available.
  • We use the tools of Google Suite that UPC has made it available to the university community.
  • If the query requires it, we will start a video conference with the G-Suite Meet tool. In this case, we will send you an email with the link to the video conference, where you must give us your consent.

We are on the other side of the screen, contact us!

Still not clear?

We help you with this video tutorial:

Because facing the writing of your Final Project is a key moment, we offer you a guide where we try to solve the most common questions in this process and we are at your disposal to help you:

  • find the information you need
  • organize yourself to do your job well
  • write the memory correctly
  • do oral presentation well
  • What does the school's regulations say and what steps should you take?

We help you to make your TFE

From the library you can use the Wifi UPC in order to connect your computer, smartphone, etc. to the Internet network.

We offer, in pilot phase, the service through instant messaging through WhatsApp, with the aim of facilitating and streamlining direct communication with all our users.

Contact us at 606088963 to solve your doubts!

Who is it for?

This is an open service to the entire university community and to external users from the library.

What are we looking for?

  • All those related to services, resources, facilities, equipment, schedules, etc.. offered by the library
  • We redirect complex bibliographic queries to thematic librarians who will get in touch with you via email
  • We do not answer questions about personal data

What is the service schedule?

From Monday to Friday during the opening hours of the library.

What is the expected behavior?

  • Identify yourself with a name (real or not) in order to be able to address you personally
  • We appreciate the messages being clear and accurate, with a correct and respectful tone
  • The library staff who serve this service reserve the right to cut down the conversations it deems inappropriate.

About privacy

We offer you the possibility of using our open and multipurpose spaces, as well as a series of audiovisual equipment, so that you can use them to make exhibitions and public presentations, organize meetings, conferences and talks, give training sessions , meetings, workshops, etc.

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We support teaching innovation, especially in the development of multimedia material, increasing and improving the quality of available resources at the Video library UPC and on the portal UPC Opencourseware.

Do you need a camera to make a recording?

Last update: 08 / 06 / 2020