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You want to know what we have in Libraries UPC about all the disciplines that encompass Industrial Design?

Keep browsing this section and find the first ones books which we have acquired for you, the academic papers presenting our students and videos of the talks taking place at the UPC, where professionals in the sector discuss with the university community about the futur of design.

If you are researching, you will also be interested in consulting the collection of hybrid, congresses, thesis, databases i current regulations which we include. 

You are also in the right place if you need support material to study, in which case we recommend that you consult the exams i teaching materials which we collect in this space.

Resources a first contact with the topic

In recent years, the Libraries of the UPC we have invested much of our efforts in providing the shelves (both physical and virtual) with a collection of books on design, rich in variety and quality.

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If you are interested in knowing the application of the knowledge taught in the Degree in Industrial Design and Product Development you can take a look at the Final Thesis prepared by students of this degree to obtain the degree of graduates both at the Polytechnic School of Engineering of Vilanova i la Geltrú with at the School of Industrial, Aerospace and Audiovisual Engineering of Terrassa.


However, industrial design is not an exclusive discipline of a specific degree, but is worked on throughout the University linked to other areas such as mechanics, automation, ...

TFE on industrial design

Now UPC we record the conferences and talks in which the experts in the sector of the industrial design expose his experience and generate an enriching debate around the market of the development of innovative products.

These are the collections in this field included in the Video library UPC:

Design and Geltrú

Cycle of talks in the field of design held at the Campus of Vilanova i la Geltrú.

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II University of Design and Business Forum (UDE)

Design is one of the most important assets for companies and is part of their strategy as a decisive factor for innovation and economic production. Reflecting on the relationship between competitiveness, innovation, sustainability and design must become one of the main objectives of companies with a concern to grow in this XNUMXst century.

The aim of this II UDE Forum was to focus on such important aspects as the increase in the use of design in the processes of creativity and innovation, generating bonds of trust between companies and new graduates, making it possible to make a qualitative leap in the products of the futur.

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To help you study

Exams UPC Collects, organizes and preserves the examinations that teachers and / or faculty of the university provide to libraries.

Now UPC the Degree in Industrial Design and Product Development is taught in two different teaching centers:



This repository collects, organizes and preserves the didactic materials that the professors and / or teaching centers of the university have sent to the libraries.

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Are you looking for very specific information?

If you are researching in the field of industrial design, we propose a series of databases where you can search for that specific information that may be useful to you in your search:


Design-specific databases

DesignView (OHIM) 

It searches more than 800.000 European design records in a public database maintained by the Office for Harmonization in the European Union in the Internal Market (OHIM).

Access type:  Open access


Managed by theSpanish office of the patents and brand, is included in INVENES, and contains bibliographic data of models, drawings and industrial designs since 1966, and includes images published in the BOPI since 1998. The number of references is more than 150.000. The research is carried out on the bibliographic data of model, drawing and industrial design files. The results include images for industrial models and drawings and designs and views for industrial designs.

Access type:  Open access

eSearch Plus (EUIPO)

Search for Off brands, designs, owners, representatives, newsletters and decisionsice in a single application.

Access type:  Open access

Global Design Database (WIPO)

Global database on drawings and models. Through a single intuitive interface, simultaneous and free searches can be performed on more than 1,3 million industrial designs registered in accordance with the international system of The Hague, administered by WIPO, or which consist of to the national collections available in this database. Starting in September 2015, the national collections of Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Spain and the United States will be included, but more will be added soon.

Access type:  Open access

Canadian Industrial Designs Database (CIPO)

Look for Canadian industrial designs from 1861 to the present.

Access type:  Open access

JP-PlatPat (JPO)

The official databases of the Japan Patent Office (JPO). Look for Japanese patents, utility models, and designs from 1922 to the present.

Access type:  Open access

US Patent Databases (USPTO)

The USPTO’s patent databases contain more than 10 million patents from 1790 to the present and 5 million applications published since 2001. Both databases are updated weekly.

Access type:  Open access


Other databases that may be useful to you (subscribed UPC)

Architecture Open Library

Full text of the architecture and design books published by LinksBooks.

Access: Open access [Restricted to community UPC through eBIB]
Thematic area: Architecture

De Gruyter. Architecture & Design

Electronic books in English, part of the Architecture & Design collection, published by De Gruyter, Birkäuser and various American universities under the umbrella of University Press Library.

Access: Open access [Restricted to community UPC through eBIB]
Thematic area: Architecture

ScienceDirect (Elsevier)

Full text since 1995 -in most cases- of journals subscribed to and published by Elsevier.

IMPORTANT: not accessible with earlier versions of Internet Explorer 9.
Access: Open access [Restricted to community UPC through eBIB]
Thematic area: General resources

ScienceDirect e-Books (Elsevier)

Electronic books published by Elsevier and other publishers such as Academic Press, North Holland and Pergamon.

IMPORTANT: Not accessible with earlier versions of Internet Explorer 9.
Access: Open access [Restricted to community UPC through eBIB]
Thematic area: General resources


Database produced by Elsevier that includes summaries, references and indexes of the main international journals with peer review. 

IMPORTANT: not accessible with earlier versions of Internet Explorer 9.
Access: Open access [Restricted to community UPC through eBIB]
Thematic area: General resources

Web of Science (WoS)

Web platform that contains databases of bibliographic information of the main scientific publications. 

Access type:  Open access
Thematic area: General resources
Help: Access instructions if accessed through the FECYT

Below, we present a collection of laws and regulations related to industrial design and product development:

International legislation and regulations



  • ISO / TR 14062: 2002 Environmental management - Integrating environmental aspects into product design and development
  • ISO-9241 304: 2008 Ergonomics of human-system interaction - Part 304: User performance test methods for electronic visual displays
  • ISO / TS 18152: 2010 Ergonomics of human-system interaction - Specification for the process assessment of human-system issues

Legislation and Regulations of the European Community


State Legislation and Regulations



  • UNE 166000: 2006 R & D & I management: Terminology and definitions of R & D & I activities

Some resources with which to locate and / or access more regulations are:

Video tutorial
*AENORmás (UNE standards)
If you are a member of the UPC you can read (not download) the complete collection of UNE Standards, including ratified (adapted but not translated standards) and discontinued.
If you want to print the standard you can do so directly at the EPSEB Library or request it through this form.

Last update: 08 / 05 / 2023