Designs with a future

The names in this section are those of success stories of the Polytechnic School of Engineering of Vilanova i la Geltrú which, supported by theEspai Emprèn of the EPSEVG, have begun to make their way in the sector.

You can also get an idea of ​​what they are projects with a future taking a look at the research being conducted in the research groups of the UPC.

Take an example and jump on make your way into the world of work without fear!

This is a testament to the courage of graduate students Industrial Design and Product Development of the'Polytechnic School of Vilanova i la Geltrú which, guided by theEmprèn space, have begun to take the first steps in their career towards business success with their innovative projects.



Javier Pereda

He has been working for 10 years in the family business of nurseries and planters SAT BARBAS gaining experience in the development of onion cultivation and in the traditional processing of its seed.

The product

Onion seed extractor machine. Machine capable of processing umbels and onion flowers to extract the seed completely clean without damaging it. The machine consists of two main parts: the first, dedicated to the decomposition of the structure where the seed is housed; and the second, devoted to the separation of the seeds and the remaining small parts of the structure.

Market to which it is addressed

The offer is aimed at small and medium-sized onion seed producers. Especially in the agricultural regions with the highest production of onion seeds such as: Castilla-La Mancha, Andalusia and Castilla y León. In the long term it is intended to open up to the Asian market in the form of product marketing.



Ainur Ulan

Degree in Industrial Design and Product Development
Experience in developing concepts and products aligned with the principles of circularity, contributor to the projectExperience in developing concepts and products aligned with the principles of circularity, has contributed to the European project Circular Design.
She has been President of theMediterranean Industrial Design Association (MESDI).

The product

Sustainably developed materials. Design study focused on sustainability in design, product development from waste as a raw material. Development of new materials and exploration of new applications of existing materials.

Market to which it is addressed

Consumers, businesses and non-profit organizations with concerns about circular design.



Paula Salinas

Degree in Industrial Design and Product Development
He works in a company in the project management department, also does graphic design work for restaurants and has business knowledge as he is actively involved in a family business.

The product

A concept of comprehensive design agency and producer of sustainable objects. The main goal is to give use to objects that have exhausted their useful life to make innovative and viable creations.

Market to which it is addressed

Hotel sector, hospitality and in some particular cases.



Raquel Busquet Recasens

Degree in Industrial Design and Product Development and Mechanical Engineering

Ferran Font Jiménez

Degree in Industrial Design and Product Development and Mechanical Engineering

The product

In recent years, advances in technology, types of materials and treatments have impacted the industrial sector, focusing on projects in which engineers, designers and manufacturers find a gap in both the development process and the manufacturing itself, as it is often difficult to get a quick, accurate budget and determine all the properties needed to get the cost price of the manufacturing process that fits your needs.

At this point, it is where FIND finds its space by offering an automation service for obtaining and preparing budgets through a web portal where it is prioritized that the value of the cost estimation process is not delayed and with possibility of contracting for manufacturing.

Facilitating access to any type of company or particular customer, making us reach their production needs, and coming into indirect contact with many suppliers at once, all thanks to the creation of a link through the platform with a single demand.

Thus creating a job market in which different parameters will be indicated such as units, material, price, deadlines ... The bridge that can generate the platform must allow both customers and manufacturers to have at hand a wide range of options and therefore keep in constant supply and / or demand with an up-to-date database, always with a personalized treatment according to the needs of the clients in case it is necessary to help them in the management of the elaboration of plains or any other impediment that may occur.

Market to which it is addressed

It is aimed at two different environments:

Machinery construction companies or customers who need to obtain a budget quickly to proceed with the manufacture and contracting of the parts. And as a potential market, manufacturers need to be able to present a budget, as they have the opportunity to get reliable budgets for their activities in less time than at present. It provides them with security when starting a project, avoiding losses that could not be counted on when making estimates on delivery prices and deadlines.

Hey Boo


Maria Díez

Degree in Industrial Design and Product Development

The product

Hey Boo prototypeIt is a portable device that does not need any other resources (batteries, batteries or energy) other than water to clean pacifiers and teats. Small in size, ergonomically designed for adult hands and with innovative and sustainable materials.

Market to which it is addressed

Families, parents who have had or will have a child. But also to family and friends around them.



David Fernández

Degree in Industrial Design and Product Development and Mechanical Engineering
He has experience doing sporadic work in the field of graphic design.

Iván González

Degree in Industrial Design and Product Development and Higher Degree in Industrial Design.
Additional training in Mold Making.
He has experience as a freelancer in the field of graphic and industrial design.

Silvia Sánchez

Graduate in Advertising and Public Relations and certificate in Social and Collaborative Entrepreneurship.
He has gained experience doing internships in Marketing and Communication at the company British Summer and has worked at Europastry.

Daniel Balletbó

Degree in Computer Engineering from EPSEVG and degree in Multiple Platform Application Development.
He has gained experience doing internships at Doonamis, a company where he developed mobile applications for the Android operating system for his customers.

The product

MakeHappy prototypeA new method of congratulating through virtual messages / congratulations in audiovisual format (video). These are read via a QR code via an app, which is included in the gift box, ie in the boxes or
cardboard labels. It aims to add value to the current concept of packaging. In addition, the app has a very direct link to social networks like Instagram where users can share their videos with the rest of the world.

Market to which it is addressed

Men and women between the ages of 18 and 35, that is, the millennial generation. As such, they are people very used to
use social media and seek the support of technology to relate and establish emotional bonds.



Ricard Rovira López

Degree in Industrial Design and Product Development and Mechanical Engineering

Sergio Alonso Esperanza

Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Marc Blasco Gallego

Degree in Mechanical Engineering
Members of Vilanova Formula Team i EPSEVG Racing Team

The product

Protoracing prototypeDevelopment, manufacture and sale of parts for student competition projects.
Thanks to the team's experience in the Formula Student and Motostudent university competitions, it has the ability to design, develop and manufacture much of the necessary components.

Market to which it is addressed

Members of teams participating in student competitions.



Irene Toro

Degree in Industrial Design and Product Development

Marc Vidal

Degree in Industrial Design and Product Development

Roger Pastallé

Degree in Industrial Design and Product Development
Members of theMediterranean Industrial Design Association (MESDI).

The product Linkedin

Söthemma prototypeBamboo thermos and cork tray. The company focuses on creating products for the food industry
with natural materials, thus taking advantage of all its properties without harming the environment. The production of these does not require thermal processes that involve high energy consumption or generate polluting waste.

Market to which it is addressed

Environmentally conscious people (eco-millennials), which is currently on the rise.

This project was a finalist for the award Catalonia Ecodesign Award, finalist of the Ecoembes Circular University Challenge nationwide and winner of the Woman Explorer Award of Santander.



Paola Duarte

Degree in Industrial Design and Product Development, specializing in User-Centered Design

Edgar Gallart

Degree in Humanities, video professional and team coordinator for software development for audiovisual automation (museum apps, Arduino-based multimedia triggers, image generation in Processing) and for automation in video editing .

The product

VideoTactile prototypeVideoTactil® is an audiovisual recording method that automates editing, to efficiently solve the tagging, storage and online consultation of videos.
VideoTactil® is the result of a concatenation of software and hardware that makes it economically viable for any institution or pushes to obtain scrutinizable videos, that is, videos that allow you to search for the words that are said and, however, go directly to the moments when certain topics are addressed or certain words are uttered.
It is specially designed for conferences and recordings in which the word plays an important role such as classes, detailed explanations, work meetings, trials or round tables.

I want to see the end result

Market to which it is addressed

Any cultural institution or company that registers more than 12 presentations a year benefits financially in relation to the usual services that only the registration offers. VideoTactil® solves video archiving while making it scrutinizable.

I am interested in this project

Aerial Self-Support Dron for Photographs and Selfies (DAAFS)


Jordi Escoda

Degree in Industrial Design and Product Development, specializing in User-Centered Design and Inclusive Design

The product

DAAFS is a camera whose purpose is to allow its user to take pictures of the environment around him remotely and completely wireless.

Market to which it is addressed

The project is not aimed at a characteristic sector of the market, but its customer segment would be: user accustomed to new technologies and social networks, older (between 23 and 38 years old), average purchasing power it is not a product designed for luxury).

In order to know which products will be needed in the future, the University's research groups generate their own scientific production derived from their research. These lines of research can guide you in knowing where the world of industrial design is moving and what its practical applications are. In this sense, we highlight the following:

ADR & M - Architecture, Design: Representation and Modeling

The main objective of the research group is to cohesively consolidate and consolidate innovative lines of researchers who have developed in recent years in the Department of Architectural Representation of the UPC a scientific and technology transfer production with proven evaluation, trend and desire for improvement.

Topics they work on: CAAD / DAO, Visual Communication, Interior design, Product design, Parametric design, Architectural graphic expression, Photogrammetry, History and systems of representation, Image (analog and digital), Infographic modeling, Geometric modeling, Multimedia, Visual simulation, Syntax of space, Theory of representation [among others].

CDAL - Light Alloys and Surface Treatments Design Center

The CDAL develops its research in two main lines, one focused on Light Alloys and the other on Surface Treatments and Coatings. Within the first line of research one of the most important areas in the group is the development and optimization of semi-solid state (SSM) forming processes, while in the second line the CDAL is carrying out the obtaining and optimization of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant coatings, with its own pilot plant for obtaining high-speed thermal projection coatings (HVOF).

Topics they work on: Light alloys, Fault analysis, Semi-solid forming, Corrosion, 3D printing, Manufacturing processes, Coatings, Surface treatments.

CDEI-DM - ​​Industrial Equipment Design Center-Machine Dynamics

Research group specialized in design and dynamic analysis of machines. Aspects related to the analysis and dynamic simulation of mechanical systems, and to the problems caused by mechanical vibrations are discussed. In addition, in the mechanical design section, the group has a strong technology transfer activity mainly in the industrial environment of capital goods.

Topics they work on: Mechanical goods, Mechanical design, Machinery, Analysis and simulation of machines, Automotive, Machine dynamics, Mechatronics, Metallurgical, Design methodologies, Appropriate technologies, Rail transport, Mechanical vibrations.

CEPIMA - Center for Process and Environment Engineering

The CEPIMA research group is the result of the full integration of the current TQG-LCMA group to consolidate and strengthen its work in the field of: improvements in the conception and optimal management of productive resources in the process industry leading to the minimization of the environmental impact and in ecologically acceptable situations.

Topics they work on: Integration and intensification of processes for sustainable development that provides for the design and optimal operation of the entire supply chain during the entire product life cycle under multi-objective criteria (productivity, environmental impact, safety, resource optimization), all considering various levels of detail (strategic, tactical and operational) and various optimization techniques (mathematical programming, stochastic methods, life cycle analysis, etc.).

CETpD -Center of Technological Studies for Care for Dependence and Autonomous Living

The main research environment of the CETpD is focused on the development of new knowledge in the field of hardware-software technologies focused on people with the aim of contributing to the improvement of quality of life of chronically ill, people in need specific and / or with varying degrees of dependency. One of the most specific areas of work focuses on the search for new paradigms related to human movement, mainly in the detection and compensatory action of movement dysfunctions.

Topics they work on: Addiction Help, CMOS-MEMS, Integrated Circuits, Fall Detection, Embedded Systems, Sport, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Parkinson's Disease, Integrated Sensors, Embedded Systems, Smart Sensors, eHealth, ioT.

GAT - Architecture and Technology Group

The GAT develops its research activity in the field of technology of innovative construction processes, sustainable environmental conditioning and technical facilities highly integrated in the building. He works on the development of patents for industrialized building elements and skylights, as well as on the design of prototypes of elements related to light structures, textile constructions, membranes and natural and artificial lighting systems.

Topics they work on: Construction, Textile constructions, Interior construction, Details, Near zero energy buildings (NZEB), Building elements, Envelopes, Energy saving, Structure, Artificial lighting, Natural lighting, Innovation, Architectural installations, Building materials, Partitions, Prefabrication, Conditioning systems, Sustainability, Enclosures, Construction technologies, Tensile structures.

GIIP - Project Engineering Research Group: Design, Sustainability and Communication

Its main objective is the development of theory and practice for the management of multidisciplinary and multicultural temporary projects, providing the technical and socio-economic skills necessary to give an innovative point of view to the development of their own project management skills that have a integrated vision of the fundamental environmental, safety and quality aspects in current engineering. These objectives translate into the search for methodologies that improve the design and efficiency of artificial systems, in general, but especially in the field of sustainable mobility, lighting and project management.

Topics they work on: Communication, Project Management, Environmental Impact, Environment, Project Methodology, Sustainable Mobility, Lighting, Lighting engineering, Sustainability.

INSIDE - Innovation in Systems for Engineering Design and Training

The INSIDE research group aims at innovation, development and research related to sustainable and ergonomic energy use systems. As well as R + D + I in the systems, methodologies and strategies of application of multimedia and audiovisual tools to the design and to the technological training.

LAM - Multimedia and ICT Applications Laboratory

The Laboratory focuses its activity on the adaptation of emerging technologies in environments with special characteristics, and focuses its research on the design of technological solutions for professional groups that have an intensive activity in knowledge.
Its specific objectives are:

  1. Design and application of collective intelligence methods and technologies.
  2. Adaptation of visual interfaces
  3. Design and application of ICT solutions for Health
  4. Methods for the integration of ICT in e-Learning environments
  5. Methods for the integration of ICT in citizen security environments
Topics they work on: APP, Functional Design, Graphic design, Interfaces, Business, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, TELCO, ICT.

STH - Sustainability, Technology and Humanism

The objectives of this group are to do research:
- for / towards sustainable human development.
- in technology policies and technologies for sustainable human development; in sustainable production and consumption; in energy policies and climate change; in the green economy.
- in sustainable management of natural resources and waste, and of the natural environment in general; in sustainability of the urban environment.
- by deepening, contextualizing, measuring, modeling, realizing future scenarios, ... in the context of the sustainability paradigm.
- in the social, environmental and economic dimensions of sustainability, contributing to the structuring of transversal processes, lines and work objectives with and between academics of sustainability, technology and the humanities.
- on imbalances and inequalities in globalization, as well as in their evolution and democratic governance for sustainable human development.
- in higher education in sustainability.
- in human rights and sustainability, in cooperation and sustainability; in territorial development and sustainability.
- in policies, decision-making and democratic governance of / for sustainability, within the framework of the international agendas followed by international organizations.
- to influence the governance of climate change and the work agendas of the UNFCCC.
- on the social impacts of science and technology.
- in promoting peace through education, science, culture and communication (UNESCO)

Topics they work on: Agenda / Program 21, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Cities and Urban Environment and Sustainability, Science and Technology and Society, Cooperation for Sustainable Human Development, Global Crises, Sustainable Development, Inequalities and Imbalances and Debts, Sustainable design, Human Rights, Circular Economy, Green Economy, Higher Education in Sustainability, Energy, Natural Resource Management, Globalization, Democratic Governance, Sustainability Indicators, Environment, Mitigation, International Organizations, Systemic Thinking, Energy Policy, Technology Policy, Foresight and future scenarios, Civil Society, UNESCO, UNFCCC, adaptation and resilience.

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