The library gives you a game


The library gives you a game

Thinking “out of the box,” creatively, is essential to meeting challenges. Imagination is a key skill in finding solutions to problems that we have often spent hours or days on.

There are board games that integrate deep mathematical thinking, games that help you develop skills such as multi-step problem solving, spatial reasoning, pattern recognition, resource management, and more:

  • They are encouraged to research, make hypotheses, and draw conclusions.
  • They promote the ability to reason, logic and problem solving.
  • They introduce notions of physics, math, and technology in an experiential and fun way.
  • They exercise skills such as spatial orientation, concentration, patience, cooperation and teamwork, ...


And let’s not forget that fun moments increase motivation and performance. For all these reasons, or just for fun, dare to play!

The library gives you a game and invites you to try out the proposals and challenges of various types: individual board games, collaborative games, strategy games, ... Choose what you like best and exercise another way of learning!

What games do we have?

Rubik's CubeRubik's Cube: Features   How do you play it? 


Skills that are worked on by playing:

Strategic planning
Spatial conception
Operating memory
Reasoning and cognitive flexibility




The cube that has been making our heads dance for almost 50 years (thanks Ernő Rubik for inventing it!).

With (approximately 43 quintillion) possible positions, did you know that any of these positions can be resolved with just 20 moves? 

Dare to test yourself with the most popular mechanical puzzle in history!

Yusheng Du holds the current world record for the fastest cube with a time of 3,47 seconds. Do you dare to break this record?


Chess: Features   How do you play it?


Skills that are worked on by playing:

Strategic thinking
Abstract reasoning
Ability to analyze and process information
Ability to concentrate and improve memory
Decision making



Have you ever considered that chess helps you learn to solve complex problems? Did you know that playing chess has a positive impact on numerical and verbal skills, and helps to improve memory?

Don't think about it anymore and come move!

Teachers! Playing chess is a great way to introduce STEM, STEAM and Common Core criteria, do we put it into practice?

GoGo: Features   How do you play it?


Skills that are worked on by playing:

Mathematical reasoning
Development of hypotheses and strategy




Two-player strategy game from China. According to legend, it was Emperor Yao who invented it to develop his son's mental capacity and train him to rule the country.

What if we make it the engineers who are in a position to rule the world? Come and play!

If you are a strategist, this game is for you!



Rummi Classic: Features   How do you play it?


Skills that are worked on by playing:

Logical-mathematical reasoning
Attention and concentration
Information processing speed




What happens when a country like Romania is banned from playing cards? So, new games like this are born ... a card game, where the cards are wooden / plastic cards. "Made the law, made the trap" is what Ephraim Hertzano probably thought when he invented it around 1940. 

If you master rami or remigio, you will love this game too!


Solitaire: Features   How do you play it?


Skills that are worked on by playing:

Strategic thinking
Pattern recognition




A game that challenges you to overcome your own strategy. Solitaire is a classic of wit games: 33 holes, balls that jump over themselves until there is only one left ... concentrate and you'll get it!

Play it while you wait for the rest of your study group to arrive at the library!


Sudoku: Features   How do you play it?


Skills that are worked on by playing:

Logical thinking
Concentration and patience
Reformulation of strategies and management of frustration




A grid of 9x9 square blocks, a logic-based combinatorial puzzle. The hobby that can make your head dance full of numbers ... designed to solve it individually when presented on a sheet, we turn it around and bet on offering it in 3 of its variants in the library blackboard so that you can complete it among all the people who pass by our spaces. 

We will propose new ones every week!

Make your way to the group work rooms and see how it has evolved since leaving!

Team up!Team Up: Features   How do you play it?


Skills that are worked on by playing:

Spatial perception
Cooperative work
creative thinking



A pallet, some boxes and a gift for the organization. Team UP! is a cooperative puzzle game. The concept is simple: stack boxes on a pallet in the most compact way possible. Multiple solutions for the same goal where everyone's contribution counts.

The perfect solution exists, but will you find it?


The mind

The Mind: Features    How do you play it?


Skills that are worked on by playing:

Team work
Attention capacity
Harmonized thinking




Cooperative card game, fast, fun and tense. The goal is to jointly create a scale of letters in ascending order. It sounds simple, but the trick is that whoever plays it can't communicate with the rest of the participants in any way. There are no tics, no secret signals, no communication.

You will need to concentrate and harmonize the pace of your thinking to determine the right time to play each card as a team.

Nominated for the "Spiel des Jahres" awards for best game of the year (2018).

Team up!We Can Play: Features   How do you play it?


Skills that are worked on by playing:

Ability to analyze and process information
Attention capacity
Historical learning
Strategic thinking



A dynamic card game with which we will discover great stories of women who have changed the world.

The goal is to form a timeline. You will be able to take risks in order to advance faster, but you will also be able to lose cards.

Who will manage to form the timeline first?


The books that accompany the collection

Expand your knowledge of some of these games with the following books in the library:

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