We offer you a global and current vision about women where you will find titles on feminism, ecofeminism, sexual health, gender violence, biographies, women in engineering, science or architecture… a collection to combat inequality of women with information.

As for the topics it includes, MRS it is a supposedly varied collection. In the following section we classify them by sub-subjects so that it is easier for you to identify the specific topic that interests you:

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Not only in the EPSEVG Library we think that it is important to highlight the works made by women and for women:

  • Terrassa Campus Library : offers you a reading guide with a selection of novels starring enterprising women who narrate experiences in different fields of science, with the intention of putting a grain of sand in the goal of achieving full and equitable access and participation of women and girls in science, increasing scientific vocations in girls, and promoting gender equality in science. 

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  • Oriol Bohigas Library of the Barcelona School of Architecture ETSAB : in his collection LGTBIQ + you will find titles where diversity is the protagonist, with information and characters that do not have heteronormative or normative behaviors and that move away from hegemonic and binary discourse. Titles with contents that must contribute to combating inequalities and discrimination.

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  • Library of the Barcelona School of Nautical Studies FNB: the library has created a collection called "Woman and Sea" consisting of books written by women, about women, or in which women are protagonists, within the maritime and nautical sector. This dossier collects the titles of this fund which is increasing every year. Also referenced are journal articles subscribed to by the library and many other full-text freely accessible documents and materials.

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Our complete collection

All works bear the acronym label MRS and you can find them in front of the library blackboard.

Last update: 10 / 05 / 2024