Work rooms

The Library has 6 group work rooms located on the 1 floor with capacity for 2 people.

The maximum number of hours you can book in one day the room is 3.
The maximum number of hours you can book a room in a week is 9.
The maximum current reservations you can have is 3.

The operation of the rooms is governed by the Conditions of use of the group work rooms.


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Training roomThe Training Room has a capacity for 20 students and is a space for the development of teaching activities such as training, video conferencing or preparation of presentations. Its i3Touch screen, sound sensor and 180º camera allow you to combine the monitoring of training activities in face-to-face and virtual format. To book the Training Room, go to the loan desk.

Coffee CornerThis space has more flexible conditions of use than work rooms (in this room it is allowed to eat and drink, charge the cell phone and enjoy an informal reading). Its "mobile" furniture adapts to the needs of the users.

Innovation & HappinessWe want your visit to the University to be a complete and enriching experience, which is why we offer a space open to non-academic activities: polytechnic innovation activities, development of communication skills, exchange of knowledge and a growth agora. personal enrichment.


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APACThe Archive of Architectural Heritage of Catalonia (APAC) brings together final projects of studies presented by EPSEB students whose object is to study buildings cataloged by the different public institutions in Catalonia.


APAC website

Geomatic spaceIt is a self-learning space equipped with a total station, a tachometer and a Sand Box to improve your skills in instrumental topographic use.

Last update: 23 / 11 / 2023