The EPSEB Library specializes in documentation and information resources in the field of Building, Geomatics, Topography and Industrial Organization focused on Building.


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 Degree in Technical Architecture and Building Degree in Geoinformation and Geomatics


Check the deposit Exams UPC from any computer connected to the network UPC.

EPSEB exams

The Architectural Heritage Archive of Catalonia (APAC) brings together EPSEB students' final projects for students studying graphic and historical buildings cataloged by the different Catalan public institutions.

Catalonia Architectural Heritage Archive

The EPSEB Library offers you a selection of books and projects developed by EPSEB students on Happiness and Entrepreneurship.

personal well-being

The collection of the old EPSEB Library collection consists of:

Old and legacy fund Patricio Palomar

The old background consists of 1.500 books published between 1850 and 1960.

Patricio Palomar's legacy fund is made up of more than 2.000 books and magazines since the beginning of the twentieth century specialized in building materials, with particular emphasis on cement and concrete.

Fons Antic and Palomar

Escofet catalog collection

The collection of Escofet hydraulic mosaic catalogs comprises a whole set of commercial publications intended to publicize the industrialized production of cement tiles for pavements that the company carried out for almost fifty years, between 1886 and 1936. The production of hydraulic mosaic began to be implemented in Catalonia from the second half of the 300th century, coinciding with the boom in building activity that took place with the development of modern Barcelona, ​​and went growing until turning the hydraulic mosaic into the hegemonic material for paving the interiors of houses. Among the many companies that dedicated themselves to it, Escofet, from the turn of the XNUMXth century and with successive name changes during its first decades of operation, was distinguished by the scale of its industrial infrastructure and excelled for the quality of the designs of its mosaics. In the catalogs of the collection, the almost XNUMX executed designs are collected, with a good number of them signed by some of the most important architects and draftsmen of their time, and they are an explicit testimony of the changes in taste trends aesthetics that marked the ways of configuring the inhabited interior spaces.


Catalogs Escofet


UPCommons It is the deposit where you can locate the final academic work of study (projects of end of degree, master's degree, dissertations) elaborated by students of the University.

You can also check these final studies of EPSEB geolocated in the territory a Geocommons.

EPSEB academic work


In this guide you will find information resources on Building.

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The Library offers you the online consultation of different resources that may be of interest in the development of your academic activity.

Electronic resources in Geomatics and Building


The Library has a collection of travel guides, novels and books to help you grow.

Non-technical collections

Images that collect the history of the Escola Politècnica Superior d'Edificación de Barcelona (EPSEB).

EPSEB Digital Memory

EPSEB video collection where you will find school events, conferences, congresses, teaching videos, etc.

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