Magazines: news

Magazines: news

Consult the selection of journal articles corresponding to the latest copies received in the Library.


  • Medrano, S.; Alfieri, PV; Canosa, G. Determination of the structural state of historic floors with non-destructive techniques. to: AITIM, no. 335, 2022, p.30-35.
  • Aldana Mendoza, JA; Cairo Hurtado, C.; Riera Andreu, C. Maderas and submerged cultural heritage: the shipwreck of Bocachica, Cartagena de Indias (Colombia). to: AITIM, no. 335, 2022, p.48-56.


  • Sancho-Madridejos Architecture. New headquarters of the IESE Business School in Madrid: the challenge of the curved fold. To: Truss, no. 153, 2022, p.26-34.
  • Sagüés González-Estrada, J.; García Bueno, S.; Otero Olmos, A. Building is more than building. To: Truss, no. 153, 2022, p.72-75.

Weather in Domenechiana

  • Sellarès Pérez, M. The Tàpies Foundation building: a history of architecture, books, illustrious characters and cats on the roof. In: Domenechiana, vol.22, 2022, p.53-74.
  • Tardà Jorba, J. Sant Pau modernist site: new uses for a recovered monumental space. In: Domenechiana, vol.22, 2022, p.91-109.

GIM International

  • Nua Architectures. Mediona 13 [Tarragona, Spain]. To: GIM International, vol.36, no. 6, 2022, p.96-103.


  • The times of the IGN [the dossier]. To: IGN Magazine, no.107, 2022, p.8-15.
  • ALLEGORY: old postcards telling about the evolution of the territory. To: IGN Magazine, no.107, 2022, p.24.

On Design

  • Sánchez García, S. Vaciado of the old hospital of San Sebastián in Badajoz. To: On Design, vol.36, no. 6, 2022, p.68-73.

TC Notebooks

  • Casa Guzmán Jiménez. El Salto, Jalisco, Mexico. To: TC Notebooks, no. 157, 2022, p.192-207.
  • Villas Candela Tulum. Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico. A: TC Cuadernos, no. 157, 2022, p.272-289.

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