Catalan cuisine

"In its philosophy and its origin, Catalan cuisine is not a simple collection of regional dishes, but a true cuisine with a distinctive personality that, like Catalonia itself, looks to the outside, towards Europe and the Mediterranean. (...) it is the kitchen (or the fresh ingredients, presented without cooking) of the Principality and, by extension, that of its historical and linguistic relatives, the Països Catalans, which, more or less, Surround: to the south, the Valencian Country, to the north Andorra and the North Catalonia, the Islands, to the east and even more to the east, in Sardinia, the city of Alghero. " (Catalan cuisine. Europe's last great culinary secret. New York, 1988)

These statements by the American Colman Andrews are perfectly suited to the philosophy we use in the selection of funds that we present in this website.

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Last update: 05 / 07 / 2022