The Library is specialized in documentation and information resources in the field of the 'mechanical engineering, electric, industrial and automatic electronics, chemistry, materials, In theenergy i biomedical.

Technical collections

La Recommended bibliography for subjects At the School you will find it in the room, separated from the rest of the collection, so you can find it more easily.

The Library goes in UPCommons The final degree projects submitted to the School, and provided the author authorizes it, these works can be consulted online.

The works presented between the 2002 year and the 2007 year are cataloged and can be consulted on-site at the Library.

La old fund collection The EEBE Library is made up of an important collection of books on textile, electricity, chemistry, mechanics, etc., published between 1800 and 1950. It consists of some 2000 copies and is in the process of cataloging. Your query is restricted, you need to contact the Library staff.

In addition, the Library participates in the portal Old Fund of the UPC , which collects, maintains and disseminates works of public domain belonging to the bibliographic heritage of the libraries of the University. These are works from the XVI to XX centuries digitized for their dissemination and preservation.

The Library proposes one Selection of books and electronic journals available a Bibliotècnica, classified by thematic areas. They have been selected based on the recommended bibliography in the teaching guides, and can be consulted from inside and in the form of the UPC through the eBib service.

Non-technical collections

The libraries of the UPC They promote the creation of special collections so that members of the community find support and a tool for their human and cultural development. With this goal, the EEBE library presents you with this A collection specialized in Catalan cuisine.

Get closer to science with this one collection where you will find classic titles along with other more current titles.

Last update: 24 / 01 / 2019