DiscoveryUPC is the content search engine of the libraries of the UPC which allows you to search the contents of the Catalog, the Digital Library and the institutional repository from a single search box UPCommons.

Check others videotutorials available on DiscoveryUPC.


To discoveryUPC there is: 

  • The electronic resources subscribed by the UPC and open access: articles, books, proceedings, book chapters, magazines and databases.
  • Resources in physical support (paper, DVD, etc.) available in libraries: books, magazines, maps, audiovisuals, TFG / TFM, thesis, etc.
  • Teaching and research production d'UPCommons, the institutional repository of the UPC: books, magazines, TFG / TFM, thesis, eprints, congresses, videos, etc.

DiscoveryUPC Search in the content of virtually all the databases subscribed by the UPC. You will find databases that are not searchable in the "i" icon in the search box. If you want to do a more thorough search of a specific database you can search for it in the list of Databases.

  1. Search by typing the term or terms you want to search.
  2. Limit the results using the filters on the left: on paper or electronic, the language of the document, the library where it is located, the document format, etc.
  3. Access the full text or reserve the document from the visible buttons next to the record.


Check the videotutorials if you need help finding specific materials:

Close-up argument:

  • Write in the search box the term or terms on which you want to find information.
  • Use quotes to find exact phrases.
  • The search is done in the fields: author, title, subject, keywords, abstract and notes. If you want to search within the full text of the documents, use "Also search within the full text of the articles"of the advanced search.
  • By default, the search uses the AND operator, but you can use other operators (NOT and OR) that must be written in English and upper case.
  • DiscoveryUPC Ignore the empty words of content such as articles and prepositions.



  • Use the limits on the right to narrow down the results.
  • You can apply different limits in the same search (format, language, etc.).
  • Press the "more" button to see all available values ​​in a filter, select more than one value or reorder them by name or number of matches in the results. 


Advanced search:

  • La advanced search It allows you to do more complex searches.
  • Search for specific fields (author, title, ...).
  • Use Boolean operators to combine the terms of your search argument.
  • Limit your search for years.
  • Applies specific limits to the resources of the Catalog and the Digital Library.



  • Use the Catalog for searches that require the use of indexes.
  • Keep in mind that the Catalog does not allow search within databases or the full text of the digital library. 

You can narrow down the results using the filters on the right. You can also reorder them by relevance or by date.


Access the documents:

The orange buttons on the left of each reference indicate how to access the document. The most common are:

  • Reserve it: the document is on paper. Reserve it and you can pick it up in the library you prefer.
  • PDF / HTML: you can check the document online, after validation through the service eBIB if it is a document subscribed by libraries UPC.
  • Request the document (service with cost): the libraries of the UPC they do not have this document. You can request it through the interlibrary loan.


See the bibliographic data of the resource:

  • Paper documents: Click on the title to see more information about the resource: available copies, library where they are located, availability for the loan and other related information. 
  • Electronic resources: Click on the title to access it directly. The PDF / HTML button gives you more options on the resource.


From the search results list you can also:


Save to cart:

  • Allows to save, temporarily, any type of record.
  • You do not have to validate yourself to save records to the basket.
  • Use the "My Basket" link at the top of the browser to retrieve the records that you have saved in your cart.
  • From the basket, you can send the references by email, save them in a permanent list (My lists) or delete them.
  • The basket is automatically empty when Discovery is closedUPC.


Send by email:

  • The results can be sent by email from the results page or from the resource page.


Export to a reference manager:

  • You can export references to Mendeley or Endnote. For more information, check the page about the reference handlers.

Reference managers

Expand the results to the CCUC:

You can expand the results obtained in the CCUC:

  • doing the same search, by pressing the CCUC button on the results screen
  • by consulting a specific register, by clicking on the "View results on the CCUC" link on the resource data screen


My Account


Validate and manage your loans, reserves, etc. You have trouble for validate yourself?


  • Renova your loans.
  • Check what documents you have in your loan and what expiration date you have.


  • Book Now library documents UPC.
  • Check the documents you have reserved to see your status, change the pick-up point or cancel the reservation. 

Custom notices:

  • You can find out if you have reservations to collect, if you have loans that are about to be due or expired, etc.

Loan history:

  • Activate it to save your loans.
  • It is totally confidential. You only have access to it.
  • You can print, save or send the saved references by email.
  • At any time, you can erase references from the list or deactivate it.
  • It does not include consortium loans (PUC) or interlibrary loans.

Your lists:

  • You can keep records permanently that you have previously added to your cart.
  • Only works with Catalog and institutional repository records (Digital Library records can not be saved).
  • You can create as many lists as you need.
  • From each list you can export the references, move them from one list to the other or delete them.
If you need more information, check this videotutorial.

Last update: 03 / 05 / 2021