Display of results

DiscoveryUPC set a relevance ranking to retrieve and display the best results that match your search strategy.

  • To narrow down and / or sort results you can use the different filters or do an advanced search


Each short record on the results page contains:

  • icon to identify the type of resource (book, article, magazine, ...)
  • the term (s) used in your search are highlighted in yellow
  • type and title of the resource, authorship and year of publication
  • availability of the resource on paper in the Libraries of the UPC
    • to see the type of loan you need to be authenticated
  • online availability: access to full text




What can I do with the records?

Select more than one record and by clicking on more options (...) from the top you can:

  • send by email register them with the icon of the about
  • export to Mendeley and other formats 
  • save as favorites selected the icon of the pin

What can I do with a record?

  • citation of the document in different styles by clicking on both ""
  • more options (...


Under versions, you will find the same title with different years of publication, different language, different type of resource. 

  • Click "View all versions" to choose the document you are interested in


In some documents (usually peer reviewed journal articles) you can retrieve, through the arrow icons, the associated citations (cited references and citations received) 




The record also shows whether the article has been peer-reviewed and whether the article is available in open access


By default it will show you 10 records per page. 

  • Select whether to display 10, 25, or 50 at the bottom of the results page

Last update: 11 / 05 / 2023