Save searches

As long as you are authenticated, you can save a search for replication later.

  • Select the "Save Query" pin.


  • At the top of the results page, a pink shaded message will appear asking if you want to enable notifications for this query, that is, every time there are new results that match your search, DiscoveryUPC will send you an email with the news.
  • You can turn on notifications instantly or later and clear them when you no longer need to keep up with this search.



Saving searches is very useful when using a very elaborate search strategy.

You can access saved searches from the top menu by clicking "Search History" and / or "My Favorites" or the thumbnail icon at the top



A new page will open with three different sections:

  • My Favorites
  • Saved searches
  • Search history

From here, you can create alerts in your Saved Searches, clear them, or move a search within "Search History" to the "Saved Searches" section.


Last update: 13 / 07 / 2021