Filters allow you to limit your search results.


  • By default the order of the results is for the relevance ranking but you can select a different order 



  • When a search is made within the "TOT" and "Digital Library" profiles, the results available in full text (subscription or open access) are always displayed. To expand the search to references without the full text select this filter. You can request the document for interlibrary loan. 




  • You can include or exclude different facets at once

    check the box to the left to include


   check the box on the right to exclude 



Once selected click "APPLY FILTERS" or "Clear" to select new filters


 active filters can be removed one at a time or all at once by clicking "Reset Filters"

 to keep filters if you change your search, click "Remember all filters" 

If you do "New Search" in the top menu, all filters will be cleared.



Last update: 07 / 03 / 2023