My favorites

From the results page you can save one or more records as favorites so you can work with them later.

  • If you want to save only one log, select it and click the log pin icon or the pin icon at the top. The record will automatically be added to the "My Favorites" page. 
  • To save more than one record, select the ones you want as favorites and click the pin icon at the top. A screen for adding tags will automatically open. You can put the tags instantly or later in the "My Favorites" page.
  • If you are not authenticated, you will only be able to save the logs for the duration of the session and you will not be able to assign tags.



  write the name. It will help you to have them classified within "My Favorites"


To see your favorite records you can go to the top menu by clicking on the pin or "My Favorites".


  • To return to the results page, click on the magnifying glass in the top menu.



You can edit the tags again, sort the records by, delete them, by clicking on the three dots you can do more actions (Mendeley, etc.)


Last update: 13 / 07 / 2021