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Magazines subscribed by the UPC

You can search by the title of the magazine and access the full text through the magazine finder. If you want to consult the titles included in the different publishing packages that the UPC subscribe, search by name a Databases.

Remember that at DiscoveryUPC, you can search the articles of a large part of these magazines and access the full text.
The electronic journals subscribed by the UPC They are restricted to members of the community UPC through the eBIB service. Access eBIB
The resources subscribed by the UPC They are subject to the use clauses that mark the licenses of the provider or editor of each contracted product. In all cases, the permits contemplate only non-profit private uses, and for purposes of study, teaching or research of authorized users. Check the permitted uses

To locate and consult the paper journals that are received by the Libraries UPC consult the magazine finder Indicating the title of the publication in the search box. 

Magazines in open access

We provide you with a selection of electronic journals available in open access, classified according to the field of knowledge of the UPC:

Architecture, urban planning and building

Applied sciences Physics
Mathematics and statistics
Health Sciences and Technologies Health Sciences
Sciences of vision
Multimedia design and technology Sound, image and multimedia
Aerospace engineering Aeronautics and space
Civil engineering Civil engineering
Biosystems and agri-food engineering Agri-food engineering
Telecommunication engineering Telecommunication engineering
Industrial engineering Energies
Biomedical engineering
Materials engineering
Electrical engineering
Electronic engineering
Mechanical engineering
Paper engineering
Chemical engineering
Textile engineering
Computer engineering Technical support
Marine, naval and nautical engineering Nautical
Management and organization of companies Economy and organization of companies
other Teaching and learning
Human and sustainable development
General resources
DOAJ  Directory that gives access to the full text of articles from more than 10.000 scientific and academic publications that meet a rigorous quality system. 
REDIB Platform - before e-Magazines - of aggregation of scientific and academic content with a link to the content published by the publisher.
InTech Meurnand   Publisher publishing open access magazines with peer review within the field of science, technology and medicine.

Magazines edited by the UPC

The members of the UPC interested in depositing journals in this community, please contact:

Check the titles

UPCommons Magazines is the community that hosts in open access the articles of the scientific and technical journals published by the different units of the UPC with the aim of increasing their visibility and making them accessible and preservable.

You can have a platform that will allow you to manage the entire editorial process of your magazine.

The service Journals UPC It is based on the implementation for the UPC of software Open Meurnto the System (OJS), open source software platform for the management of editing (management, edition and publication) processes of scientific journals, developed by the  Public Knowledge Project (PKP) and widely used in the academic environment.

More information on the editing process and how to participate Editing and publishing Magazines UPC.

Last update: 29 / 06 / 2022