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In addition to the different specialized guides from the Libraries of the UPC, in this space you will find all information resources available online about architecture and construction that the Libraries of the UPC put at your fingertips. 


To search for a book, use Discovery looking for it by its title. The book packages specializing in the field of architecture are as follows:

  • Birkhauser - Architecture and Design. Check out the more than 900 full-text titles from the publisher De Gruyter (formerly Birkhaüser) available online in the field of architecture, town planning and landscaping.
  • Architecture Open Library. Check out the electronic book collection at LinksBooks, which specializes in architecture and design.
  • a + t online library. Consult the magazine and reference manuals of the publisher specializing in collective housing, public space, affordable housing, density, use of urban space, etc. 
  • Architecture, urbanism and design of the publishing house Elibro. It consists of a collection of 1.600 titles and allows access to unlimited simultaneous users.
  • EBooks a UPCommons. Consult the collection of digital books created by authors of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya as teaching and research support material. Includes notes of subjects, the classics of EditionsUPC and basic textbooks for any degree.
  • Le Corbusier: complete work. Digital edition by Birkhaüser of the 8-volume work published between 1929 and 1970 and in which he participated directly in Le Corbusier.


In these others multidisciplinary book packages You will also find scientific and technical information in the field of architecture:

  • eBook Collection (EBSCOhost)Full-text e-books specializing in the humanities and social sciences (former NetLibrary collection).
  • Ingebook. Access to textbooks and basic university textbooks in the field of engineering searchable in streaming (does not allow download or printing).
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library. Electronic reference works, mainly encyclopedias, specializing in science, technology and medicine.
  • ScienceDirect e-Books (Elsevier). Electronic books published by Elsevier and other publishers such as Academic Press, North Holland and Pergamon.
  • SpringerLink e-Books. E - books published by Springer and other publishing houses, multidisciplinary and available from 1983 onwards.
  • Wiley Online Library e-Books. Multidisciplinary e-books published by Wiley.


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To search for a magazine, use Discovery looking for her by her title. The titles most consulted in the Architecture Libraries and of which we have access to their electronic version are the following:

You will also find information of interest in journals indexed in the Avery database, available in full text because they are freely available on the Internet or because they have been subscribed to by the SBPA (Library, Publications and Archives Service of the Avery). UPC)

You can also consult the main specialized magazines:


Electronic journals of architecture   Electronic building magazines
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The specific databases of the scope of architecture they are mostly referential. This means that you will not find the full text there. You will need to supplement its use with the discovery search to check that the journals of the articles you have identified and are interested in locating are available in the Libraries of the UPC or they can be consulted online - free or subscribed journals. These databases are:

  • Avery. Articles on architectural design, history and architectural practice from some 800 journals published since 1930 in more than 40 countries. Made by the Avery Library (Columbia University in New York).
  • USURY. It has been collecting information since 1978 from some 400 architecture magazines published in 45 countries. It also includes other types of publications cataloged in the British Architectural Library since 1984.
  • Detail Inspiration. It offers information and images of buildings related to the architectural projects featured in the magazine's featured articles Detail. Each building described in the database is accompanied by the corresponding article (in German and English) which can be downloaded in PDF format. The content of the database is expanded and updated with each new published issue of the journal.
  • docomomo. It is a Spanish database specializing in magazines, conference proceedings, and seminars on modern architecture in Spain. Includes files with bibliography of the buildings cataloged within the Modern Movement.
  • Urbadoc. It is a bibliographic database compiled by the European association Urbandata. It contains more than 700.000 bibliographical references on urbanism and land use planning. Apart from magazine articles, there are also conferences, reports, etc.

A other databases which are multidisciplinary information in the field of architecture can also be found. They are the following (in order of prevalence of the architecture):

  • Web of Science (WOS). Databases of bibliographic information of the main scientific publications. Of interest in the field of architecture, the UPC is subscribed to: Web of Science; Science Citation Index Expanded; Social Sciences Citation Index; Arts & Humanities Citation Index; ISI Proceedings-Science & Technology (ISTP); Proceedings-Social Sciences & Humanities Edition (ISSHP); Journat the Citations Reports-Science Edition (JCR-S); Journat the Citations Reports-Social Sciences Edition (JCR-SS); Essential Science Indicator.
  • Scopus. Produced by Elsevier, it contains abstracts, references and indexes of major international journals with peer review.
  • Dialnet Plus. Portal for the dissemination of scientific production in the Hispanic field. Contains bibliographic references of journal articles and access to the full text of any of them.
  • Wiley Online library. Access to the full text since 1997 of journals subscribed and published by John Wiley & Sons Inc on architecture, environment, urbanism and humanities.
  • Taylor & Francis Journas. Access to the full text of the years subscribed (years 2008 to 2011) of the journals published by Taylor & Francis on environment, art, geography, humanities and urbanism.
  • Oxford Iurnas. Access to the full text of the subscribed years (2007 to 2012) of journals published by Oxford UniversityPress.
  • Indices-CSIC. Bibliographic database (reference) that is presented as a platform for global access to scientific information published in quality Spanish academic journals since the 70s, replacing the ICYT, IME and ISOC databases. It basically collects articles from scientific journals and, selectively, from conferences, series, compilations, reports and monographs.
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You can consult the academic works in electronic format corresponding to the different degrees of each of the Schools in the field of architecture and construction. In compliance with current regulations, depending on their interests, it is the author of each work who decides whether their work is open or restricted. In the case of restricted access, you must contact the corresponding Library to check availability on site or, if possible, contact the user directly.





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    If you want to consult a map in digital format, check the thematic guide written by the Oriol Bohigas Library of theETSAB on digital cartography of Barcelona, ​​Catalonia and others.

    If you are looking for a map of Barcelona or Catalonia you can consult the collection of archives and other information services in Barcelona and Catalonia. Among them are:


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      • OnArchitecture. It is an audiovisual database, aimed at schools of architecture, libraries and cultural institutions, which presents the main trends in the field of contemporary architecture. It contains videos on buildings in Europe, America and Asia, as well as interviews with architects, artists, publishers and researchers from around the world. The videos are enriched with a selection of complementary material (textual and audiovisual documents) on the main figures of contemporary architecture.
      • Digital video library of the UPC. In the digital video library of the UPC you will find, presentations, lectures, tutorials and other academic events recorded and digitized by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.


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      Bibliographies prepared by the Library on topics of architecture, construction and urbanism. You will find specific bibliographies on buildings and urban aspects of the city of Barcelona and other general ones on sustainability, types of housing, etc.


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