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Llibres UPC It is a set of collections of the institutional repository UPCommons Formed by the technical books published by the Digital Polytechnic Initiative and by other units of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

The content of most of the books, created primarily by University professors in the field of their specialties, is directly related to their own degree or postgraduate degree programs. UPC.

You can find any of the books of the UPC, both in digital and paper support, at DiscoveryUPC.

The conditions of access to the titles deposited in Llibres UPC are:

Open access Free access books, of which the detailed uses of the Creative Commons license assigned to them can be made.
Access restricted to members of the UPC Restricted access books to members of the UPC, accessible from computers connected to the network UPC or from outside the network (using the user name and password corresponding to the intranets UPC or the Virtual Campus).
Access restricted to CSUC Restricted access books to the users of the libraries of the UB, UAB, UPC, UPF, UdG, UdL, URV, UOC, BC, UVic, UJI, URL and UIC.
If you want to buy some of the books UPC, both on paper and in digital format, contact with Digital Polytechnic Initiative, the Office of Academic Publications of the UPC.

Books subscribed by the UPC

The electronic book publishing packages contracted by the UPC are:

Editorial Package Area of ​​knowledge Simultaneous users allowed
Architecture Open Library Architecture Unlimited
By Gruyter. Architecture and design Architecture Unlimited
EBSCOhost eBook Collection Humanities and social sciences 1
eDU-Library Multidisciplinary Unlimited
Gale Virtual Reference Library Specialized encyclopedias Unlimited
Ingebook Multidisciplinary Unlimited
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Springer) Technical support Unlimited
Lecture Notes in Mathematics (Springer) Maths Unlimited
Proquest Ebook Central Multidisciplinary Unlimited on the platform (variable in each title)
ScienceDirect (Elsevier) Multidisciplinary Unlimited
Springerlink Science and technology Unlimited
Wiley Online Library e-Books Multidisciplinary Unlimited
You can find any of the books subscribed by the UPC, regardless of the editorial package where it is located, at DiscoveryUPC.
The e-books subscribed by the UPC They are restricted to members of the community UPC through the eBIB service. Access eBIB

The resources subscribed by the UPC They are subject to the use clauses that mark the licenses of the provider or editor of each contracted product. In all cases, the permits contemplate only non-profit private uses, and for purposes of study, teaching or research of authorized users.

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Books in open access

We provide you with a selection of electronic books available in open access, classified according to the field of knowledge of the UPC to which they belong:

Architecture, urban planning and building Architecture
Applied sciences Physics
Mathematics and statistics
Health Sciences and Technologies Health Sciences
Sciences of vision
Multimedia design and technology Sound, image and multimedia
Aerospace engineering Aeronautics and space
Civil engineering Civil engineering
Biosystems and agri-food engineering Agri-food engineering
Telecommunication engineering Telecommunication engineering
Industrial engineering Energies
Biomedical engineering
Materials engineering
Electrical engineering
Electronic engineering
Mechanical engineering
Paper engineering
Chemical engineering
Textile engineering
Computer engineering Technical support
Marine, naval and nautical engineering Nautical
Management and organization of companies Economy and organization of companies
other Teaching and learning
Human and sustainable development
General resources

Here are some outstanding search engines where you can retrieve e-books in open access:

50 Cool Search Engines for Serious Readers Directory of the main search engines of electronic books, of which one exists abbreviated version in Catalan.
BCcampus OpenEd

Multidisciplinary collection of text books created by BCcampus within the framework of the BC Open Textbook Project.

Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes Library that provides electronic books and other documents related to Hispanic culture, mainly in the public domain.
Bookboon Platform of electronic books specialized in engineering, computer science, mathematics and statistics, law, economics and organization of companies and languages.
College Open Textbooks

Multidisciplinary list of university textbooks maintained by College Open Textbooks Collaborative.

Community Texts Search book for various languages ​​and thematic areas, maintained by Internet Archive.
Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) Directory containing peer review books published by academic publishers. Among these publishers we can find Academia Press, Springer-Verlag Gmbh, Taylor & Francis and IOS Press among others.
GitHub> Free programming books List of books about programming maintained by GitHub.
Google Books Search engine that retrieves digitized books for Google.
InTech Books Platform of the publisher that offers a wealth of specialized books in the fields of science, technology and medicine.
Internet Archive Books Platform with a large number of books in the public domain and / or distributed under licenses that allow their communication. His Internet Archive's Map of Book Subjects It allows an alternative navigation through the images contained in the books (the size of each of the thematic links indicates the number of available images on the corresponding subject).
MERLOT II Platform of learning resources, managed by the California State University System, which contains lots of textbooks.
MIT OpenCourseWare Online Textbooks Direct access to the textbooks contained in the MIT OpenCourseWare.
OAPEN Library Platform of academic books from different publishers, mainly in the area of ​​humanities and social sciences.
OER Commons Direct access to textbooks contained in the 'OER Commons.
The Online Books Page Searcher of the University of Pennsylvania that retrieves classic books, as well as more modern works.
Open Access eBooks on JSTOR

A set of books available at the JSTOR platform, published by University of California Press, University of Michigan Press, UCL Press and Cornell University Press. All of them can be searched crosswise with other content of

Open Culture Textbooks Thematic list of university text books of multidisciplinary scope.
OpenEdition Books Platform of books specializing in social sciences and humanities.
Open SUNY Textbooks University textbooks, published in the framework of a publishing project of the libraries of the University,State University of New York.
Open Textbook Library Online library maintained by the University of Minnesota, in collaboration with other American universities, which offers quality textbooks subject to Creative Commons licenses or GNU licenses (licenses that allow teachers and students to be reused freely ).
OmniaScience Platform for access to academic and scientific books.
Project Gutenberg Library of electronic books, mainly in public domain.
Project MUSE Database that offers books specialized in human and social sciences from the most important universities and academic societies around the world.
Saylor Academy Open Textbook University textbooks, multidisciplinary, offered by Saylor Academy.

Last update: 24 / 12 / 2019