Antique collections

The collections of the UPC which can be consulted with open access to the Antique collections of the UPC (FA UPC) and to the Digital Memory of Catalonia (MDC) are:

Online access
Catalan poetry collection (BRGF)
Works of Catalan poetry from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries arrived by Gabriel Ferraté i Pascual, first rector of the UPC
Southern Images Photo Contest (BRGF)
Photographs submitted to the various editions of the Images of the South Photo Contest, organized by the Center for Development Cooperation (CCD) of the UPC.
Antique collections in science and engineering (BCT)
Monographs and magazines mainly specialized in textile and paper engineering, published prior to the 1950 year.
Antique Agriculture Collection (BCBL)
Books, magazines and archival material dated since the end of the XVIII to the mid XNUMXth century, specialized in agri-food engineering.
Antique collections in science and technology (ETSEIB)
Books and magazines specialized in science and technology, published from the XVI century to the year 1950.
ETSEIB Journals
Crónica científica: revista internacional de ciencias
Técnica. Revista tecnológico-industrial
Gaudí Chair (ETSAB)
Drawings of the Gaudí Chair, dated between 1874 and 1954.
Projects of master builders (ETSAB)
Projects that the students of construction presented to obtain their degree, made between 1859 and 1872.
1848-1883 surveyor maps (ETSAB)
Manuscript plans between 1848-1883, constituents of municipal plot cartography of the province of Barcelona.
Historic collections of the Library ETSAB
Monographs from the 17th century to the middle of the 20th century, and magazines of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
Antique collections of the Library of the EEBE
Books mainly specialized in textile, electrical, chemical and mechanical engineering, published before the 1950 year.
Antique EPSEB Library collections
Books and other materials related to geodesy, buildings and other related subjects, published before 1969.
Antique FNB Library collections
Monographs dated from 1669 to 1950, journals and nautical charts specializing in science and techniques related to the sea and navigation.

You can find the documents from the old archives of our libraries, or other collections of their assets, through the Discovery Advanced SearchUPC, whose filters allow you to limit the search by publication date.

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Last update: 15 / 05 / 2022