Exams UPC It is a deposit that collects, organizes and preserves the examinations that teachers and / or educational centers of the university have sent to the libraries, all of them structured as follows:

The exams are organized by center, degree and subject.

In each subject, the exams are presented in order from newer to oldest.

You can consult any model of examination used in the subjects taught in the UPC:

Type Partial or final exams
With or without answers Some exams contain only questions and others, questions and answers.
Validity In addition to the examinations of the subjects in force in this academic year, you can also check the subjects of previous academic courses.


Access to exams deposited is restricted to members of the UPC, which is why you have to authenticate yourself with the username and password of the intranets UPC or the Virtual Campus.

All exams are protected by the following clause:

All rights reserved. This work is protected by the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights. Notwithstanding the existing legal exemptions, reproduction, distribution, public communication or transformation is prohibited without the authorization of the rights holder

If you are interested in depositing exams, contact your library

Exams UPC  It allows to receive by email notices about the new examinations deposited in specific degrees. To do it:

  • Activate the "Login"from the upper right margin
  • Enter your LDAP username and password UPC
  • Activate the "Profile"from your personal space, which appears on the upper right margin
  • If applicable, modify the language you want to receive alerts and / or your own contact information
  • Select the titles of interest from the existing drop-down menu in the "Subscriptions", and activate the"Add"
  • If you want to cancel an existing subscription, activate the "Remove"Once the same one is selected
  • Finally, activate the lower button "Update profile"(after adding or removing a specific subscription)

The section "Usage statistics", on the left bank ofExams UPC, offers them visits i downloads of all the documents ofUPCommons and, specifically, of your community Exams UPC (in this case, from June of 2019):


  • It is understood by "visit"each one of the accesses to the page (or pages) of an item.
  • Therefore, if you access 5 times on the same page, the system has 5 accesses (although they all come from the same person).
  • It is understood by "download"the action of saving or displaying on screen each one of the files of the documents.
  • The queries in the files are counted according to the percentage of the total number of files that have the registry. Therefore, if the document has 7 files whose 2 is only consulted, the system will have 2 / 7 parts of download. However, if the 7 files of the work are recorded and / or displayed, the system will have 1 download.
  • If the same file is saved or opened two or more times, the system will count the total number of downloads made (although they all come from the same person).

The visits i downloads of the documents deposited can be consulted in two ways:

Most downloaded items
  • The documents deposited are sorted by the total number of downloads that have been made, titles that can be obtained from the current month and year, from the previous year or from all the years.
  • When a specific title is clicked, the number of visits and downloads is shown by country or for years / months (these indicators can also be obtained by activating the link "See usage statistics", on the left bank of the corresponding descriptive bibliographic record).
Usage statistics
  • The total number of visits and downloads made of all documents deposited is provided.
  • The indicator can be displayed for years / months or for the countries from which visits and downloads have been made.


Last update: 02 / 03 / 2021