Recovery of obsolete files

Digital preservation offers different methods for securing long-term access to electronic information.

From the Library we offer you help and guidance in order to recover information in formats or supports that currently your teams can no longer run or read and provide some solutions and advice to fight digital obsolescence.


Floppy disks

Here are some of the techniques we can use.


Through emulation it is possible to run obsolete computer programs (which no longer work in current operating systems) and thus access the contents of files that you can no longer read.

Some of the systems we can run are:

  • Windows 3.1
  • Windows 95
  • Windwos 98
  • Windows XP

The refresh consists of passing the information of an old medium (diskettes, CD's, audio tapes, VHS, etc.) to the most current support possible according to the characteristics of the document.

The equipment available in the Library is this:

  • 3.5 "floppy disk drive
  • Audio tape player
  • VHS Capture

These are a series of techniques that try to recover information from corrupted files or which we believe are lost on magnetic storage devices.

Some specifications:

  • The service is addressed exclusively to the university community of UPC
  • The service will only be carried out if the material to be recovered is related to the University's own activity
  • The Library is not responsible for any information loss that may occur during media handling
  • The cost of delivery media (USB, DVD, etc.) will be borne by the user
  • Address your requests to

Last update: 04 / 07 / 2023