The design of the different spaces of the Library is oriented to meet your academic, research and recreation needs. We put it at your disposal 5000m2 adapted to multiple uses.

The university card is necessary to access the building.

If you are a student, PDI or PAS of the UPC And you do not have the card yet UPC ask it to Digital Identity website. If you do not have the card UPC or do not belong to the community UPC, and you do not have a card from another university that can be read automatically by our access system, you will have to complete a form every day that you want to use our facilities, and show an official identification to verify the Data we will ask you (only if you do not belong to the community UPC). We will give you a provisional card that will allow you to enter and leave the Library, and that you will have to return the same day. If you do not return it or you are late, you will not be able to use our facilities anymore.

If you are not a member of the UPC community and you can not show any official ID to identify yourself, you will not be allowed to enter the Library. We remind you that access conditions to the Library by non-UPC users can be restricted during periods of maximum occupation.

Terms of use

  • It is a service for members of the UPC community, the members of other universities and users who justify the need to access the building
  • The loan period is one day
  • It is the responsibility of the user to return the card to the library within the established period
  • The card not returned within the term will be claimed to the user according to the personal data available in the library. It is the responsibility of the user to update them. Failure to receive the claim notice does not exempt the user from their responsibility
  • If the card becomes damaged, or it is not returned, the user must return it, under the conditions set by the Library
  • The non-return of the card implies the permanent exclusion of any of the services of the Libraries of the UPC and access to the BRGF

The 5 floors offer different possibilities that we hope that will be useful for you according to the activity you will want to do in the Library, specifically:

  • Floor 3> Individual study, zone of silence> Capacity: 158 people
  • Floor 2> Individual study, zone of silence> Capacity: 204 people
  • Floor 1> Group study> Capacity: 198 people
  • Floor 0> Group study, Clic area, u-win, u-room, terrace, Meeting point> Capacity: 145 people
  • Floor -1> PhD students' rooms, vending area, meeting rooms> Capacity: 114 people

Book a room

If you need a space for study or for collective work, the Library offers 8 rooms at the 1 floor, 7 at the 2 and 1 at 3 floor.

All are equipped with slates, access to Eduroam and to the electrical network. Four of the rooms are also equipped with a television screen. On the worktops of the 1 and 3 plants the material will be provided for its use.

The operation of the rooms is governed by the Terms of use of the work rooms in a group.

In addition, at the BRGF:

  • The work rooms are always open (no key is needed to access) but it is necessary to validate your reservation at the counter
  • The maximum number of hours you can book a room each day is 3.
  • The maximum number of hours you can book a room in a week is 9.
  • The maximum current reservations you can have is 3.
  • To open or close the screens that communicate the rooms 1 and 2 at 1 floor, you have to go to the desk (it is not allowed to manipulate those screens without Library staff permission.

Group study rooms

6 rooms you will find on the 1 plant in the Library. Soundproofed and equipped with slates, access to Eduroam and to the electrical network.

The use of these rooms is totally free and without restriction if you are a student of the UPC.

Work rooms

The CLIC Area is a space for work and self-learning that the library makes available to its users so that they can carry out their academic and professional development tasks, and in which they offer all the necessary equipment and tools to do.

You will find 26 computers aimed at carrying out the most common academic activities. For more information, consult the list of installed software.

To use the resources you need to authenticate the computers using the username and password of the Intranet of the UPC. Any member of the university community of the UPC he has access If you have any problem, you can go to the loan desk of the 0 Plant in the Library.

The CLIC Area is governed by the same rules as the Rector Gabriel Ferraté Library and also has its own regulations.

Clic area

The BRGF offers study and work spaces for the exclusive use of Erasmus Mundus PhD students and masters programs from the UPC. These spaces are located on the floor -1 of the library.


The area consists of:

  • 78 individual study sites distributed in 5 rooms, with connection to Eduroam and electrical connections
  • Meeting room, with multimedia equipment
  • Lockers to rent for a course

The opening hours for the public in the spaces are the same as in the rest of the library (usually from Monday to Friday, from 8: 30 to 21 h).


To access the spaces for doctoral students it is necessary:

  • Be currently enrolled in a Doctoral Program or an Erasmus Mundus Master's in the UPC.
  • Ask for access to the spaces to staff at the ground floor counter of the Library. IMPORTANT: bring the UPC card, because to access the spaces you have to encode the RFID chip of your card.

How to rent a locker?

  • You can rent a locker for a whole course, at the price of € 20.
  • Fill in the form and return it to the counter at 0 floor in the library.
  • The electronic lock of the lockers works through RFID.

Reservation of meeting rooms

Authorized users with access to doctorate spaces can reserve the meeting room through the application of reservation of work rooms.

PhD areas

This is a place where you can enjoy some fun playing with our Nintendo Wii or Nintendo DS consoles. Ask for the equipment at the loans desk of the 0 floor in the Library.


U-Room It is a work space located on the 0 plant in the Library with a capacity of a maximum of 17 people, distributed in 3 tables and 3 workstations with a desktop computer. Can welcome Meetings of the different student delegations or student associations of the UPC. For this use it is necessary to reserve the room from 7 people. For more information, contact


The terrace is the only space in the Library where you can eat and drink (but do not smoke!). It is an outdoor space located on the 0 floor.

The Meeting Point is an informal meeting space designed for international students, equipped with computers, tourist guides of Barcelona and informal furniture to promote social relationships. You'll also find it on the 0 floor.

Terrassa and Meeting Point

Last update: 30 / 07 / 2019

Work rooms

Access to the reservation of rooms

CLIC area

Availability of the CLIC Area

Availability of the CLIC Area