About us

About us

BIB building
The Gabriel Ferraté Rector Library (BRGF) was opened in December of the 1996. It mainly serves the three centers of the Campus Nord: ETS of Telecommunication Engineering of Barcelona (ETSETB), ETS of Engineering of Roads, Canals and Ports of Barcelona (ETSECCPB) I la Faculty of Computer Science of Barcelona (FIB), as well as in the technological research departments and centers located on the same campus. Our orientation is definitely of service to the learning and research needs of our users, especially from a technological approach and without forgetting the offer of services and products for non-strictly academic activities.

Miquel Codina Vila
Head of the Rector Gabriel Ferraté Library (BRGF)




Last update: 04 / 07 / 2023

The Library is accessed from the outside, through automatic opening doors and control lathes that work with the university card.

Access can be made available to anyone at the entrance desk. 

The library has 5 floors without slopes, connected to each other by stairs and two accessible elevators for free use.

On the -1 floor you will find work rooms for doctoral students and self-service machines.

On the 0th floor you will find the loan service and access to computers.

On the 1st and 2nd floor, group work rooms and individual workplaces.

On the 3rd floor you will find individual jobs. On each floor there is an accessible counter where you can go. 

Accessible toilets are available on each floor.

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