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Universities around the world are welcoming science fiction. This genre, which has become part of academic literature programs, is also beginning to be used by many universities as an element that complements and consolidates scientific and humanistic training.

Now Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya there are several activities that take science fiction as a basis: the Prize UPC of Science Fiction convened by the Social Council, very successful subjects such as "Physics and science fiction".

The collection is in the Rector Gabriel Ferraté LibraryIn the EPSEVG Library and to the Terrassa Campus Library of the Library, Publications and Archives Service.    

Miquel Barceló, in memoriam

Miquel BarcelóThe Library regrets the loss of Professor Miquel Barceló, PhD in computer science, aeronautical engineer and graduate in nuclear energy, professor at the Faculty of Informatics of Barcelona (FIB) and promoter of the Award UPC of Science Fiction with whom we have shared so many unforgettable projects, hopes and conversations.

In memoriam (special bulletin prepared by the Library).

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The Prize is announced UPC of Science Fiction Miquel Barceló 2022

Miquel BarcelóEl Social Council of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya publishes the rules of the "Prize UPC de Ciència-Ficció Miquel Barceló 2022 ". The deadline for submitting the originals of the 2022 edition ends on April 1, 2022, at 14 p.m.

The jury, which is made up mostly of people linked to the UPC, all related to the world of literature and science fiction, will award a prize of 2.000 euros. In addition, the winning work will be edited and published in digital and paper format.  

Check the rules.


Last update: 10 / 01 / 2022