La BCUM It has 270 work points, distributed on two floors and all of them equipped with plugs.

On the ground floor, just at the entrance you will find newspapers and magazines. Then, to the left, there are the group work halls, the library, the training room and the tables equipped with desktops. To the right, the services (toilets, fountain and water machine) and the lending desk.

On the first floor there is access to two stairs. If you climb to the right, you will find the silence space, then the shelves and a comfortable inner area to work. If you access the stairs on the left, you will find the specialized information desk and more shelves and tables distributed throughout the space.

Low desk Newspaper and magazine space

La BCUM make 4 work rooms available in a group with the capacity for 6 people and 1 group work room with capacity for 8 people, all of them located on the ground floor. All are equipped with a slate and some of them also have a TV screen (HDMI connection).

The use of these rooms is exclusive to the PDI, PAS and students of the UPC and the FUB, masters and postgraduate students of permanent education and the PDI invited by the UPC.

The operation of the rooms is governed by the Conditions of use of the group work rooms but also:

  • The maximum number of hours you can book in one day is 3
  • The maximum number of hours you can book for a week is 9
  • The maximum current reservations you can have is 3


Group study rooms

The training classroom is a flexible space with multipurpose furniture, designed for use in both classes and small groups, to give lectures, talks, workshops, screenings, meetings or to prepare oral presentations.

Operation and reservations

The space is from free access during the opening hours of the library, except for the slots where there is one advance reservation for exclusive use.

The reserves in order to have with exclusivity Anyone in the classroom can do them a member of the university community and in specific cases, and upon request to management, also other persons or external institutions. The PDI i Administrative staff from UPC you can book it through theEPSEM resource reservation application and the rest by sending a message to: biblioteca.bcum@

Student reservations can be made as long as their use is justified and must be made with a minimum of 24 hores in advance.

The maximum capacity of the room in this mode will be of 8 people and you can book it for a maximum of 3 hours per day per person.


The classroom has:

-12 tables with wheels (to be able to move and position them as needed)

-24 chairs

-2 Conventional whiteboards (double sided)

- Digital board, projector barrel and computer for the trainer (material for exclusive use under classroom reservation)

Reserve it (only UPC)

Multipurpose classroom

The library has 20 individual work points, located on the first floor, and designed to work in the absolute silence and concentration.

Space of silence

It is a separate space on the ground floor with 7 free access reading points that houses geological, vegetation, soil, avalanches, topographic, crop, etc. maps. in paper and digital format. You also have a 24-inch desktop PC with specific mapping software.

Map Library

Last update: 22 / 01 / 2020