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There are games that integrate deep mathematical thinking, games that help develop skills such as multi-step problem solving, spatial reasoning, pattern recognition, resource management, and more. 

And let's not forget that moments of fun increase motivation and performance.

For all these reasons, or just for fun, dare to play!

What games do we have?

Rubik's Cube

How do you play it? 


Did you know that it is a game of Chinese origin? it is made up of seven flat geometric figures and is useful both for working on geometry and for developing logic.


There are Chinese books from the XNUMXth century that already mention this game!


 How do you play it?


Have you ever considered that chess helps you learn to solve complex problems? Did you know that playing chess has a positive impact on numerical and verbal skills, and helps to improve memory?

Teachers! Playing chess is a great way to introduce STEM, STEAM and Common Core criteria, do we put it into practice?

Go How do you play it?


Game in which the fastest has a prize since you will have to place the 9 pieces on the board before your opponent following the structure marked by the blockers.


Hi ha 62.208 possible combinations!



  How do you play it?


Dare yourself with this puzzle, where the winner is the first to replicate the pattern set on the randomly chosen card on the board. There are all possible difficulty levels.

With this game you will work logic and spatial perception.



How do you play it?

The cube that has been making our heads dance for almost 50 years (thanks Ernő Rubik for inventing it!).

With (approximately 43 quintillion) possible positions, did you know that any of these positions can be resolved with just 20 moves? 

The current world record for fastest cube is held by Yusheng Du with a time of 3,47 seconds. Do you dare to beat this record?


  How do you play it?


One of the best-known and best-selling modern board games in the world. This game is based on the exchange of cards between players that allows you to build roads, towns and cities.

This game brings more than 20 million of copies sold and has been translated into several languages.

The books that accompany the collection

Expand your knowledge about some of these games with the following books we have in the libraries:


Last update: 04 / 03 / 2024