Transformative agreements and how to enjoy an APC

Transformative agreements and how to enjoy an APC

What are transformative agreements?

These are contracts that transform traditional journal subscription agreements between publishers and universities or consortia. These agreements allow articles published by the authors to be published in immediate open access when they are members of the institution that signs the agreement without paying an APC (Article Processing Charges).

Thus, budgets previously earmarked for "pay to access" allow you to gradually move to "pay to publish in open access." Therefore, the transformative agreements allow to publish in open access a part of what the research staff of the institution publishes in the journals of a publishing house and in the long run, in its entirety.

How to enjoy an APC of a transformative agreement?

During the process of accepting an article, when the corresponding author indicates that he/she wants to publish in open access, the publisher contacts the Library, Publications and Archives Service, which checks that all the requirements are met.

With which publishers the UPC have you signed transformative agreements?

A Bibliotècnica we tell you how agreements between institutions and publishers are evolving to support immediate open access publishing. At the moment the UPC has agreements signed with:

  • Elsevier
  • Wiley
  • Springer
  • ACS
  • other aid (Frontiers, CSR, etc.)

After analyzing the APCs assigned during the first semester and from 23 June 2022, the allocation of APCs per research group is extended to a maximum of 8, without limiting a specific number per publisher.