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Group work rooms

The BCT has 2 individual work rooms and 12 group work rooms. Terms of use.

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Individual study vesselsTo encourage concentration, on both floors, we have a differentiated area from the rest of the general room where you will find individual ships with electrical connection. 



The Electronic Resources Area is a classroom equipped with 20 computers converted into workstations.

Access is restricted to members of the community UPC and authorized users (inform the board of the 2a plant of the Library).

The access data is the same as in the other computer rooms on the campus:

user *: name.surnames
password: DNI + letter

* if the username contains more than 20 characters, you must enter the 20 first characters.



General roomIn the main space of the room, the shelves are mixed, where you will find the collections in physical format, with 296 reading points distributed in tables of different sizes. 


Self-recording serviceL'auto-recording videos is a completely autonomous service in which, upon reservation, the user can register so that a teacher can assess certain generic skills, especially oral communication, or want to self-assess by doing a simulation of the defense of the your project. The resulting video is available immediately (a URL is generated), with no need for post-editing or technical support.


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LobbyIn the lobby of the Library you will find a multipurpose space where you can work and/or rest, talk on your mobile phone and eat.

Last update: 03 / 04 / 2024