We present the specific services offered by the Terrassa Campus Library:

The BCT has 2 individual work rooms i 12 group work rooms, 2 with capacity for 8 people, 2 with capacity for 5 people and 8 for 2 or 4 people. These rooms are located on the 2 floor of the library.

The operation of the rooms is governed by the conditions of use of the work rooms in a group. In addition, in the BCT:

  • The maximum number of hours you can book a room each day is 3.
  • The maximum number of hours you can book for a week is 9.
  • The maximum number of current reservations you can have is 3.
  • In the case of large work rooms, the minimum number of people per room is 4 and the maximum is 8.
  • The use with lucrative purposes of group work halls, including private private classes, is strictly forbidden.

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Book a @ librarian @The Reserve @ Library @ library of the Terrassa Campus Library allows you to book a personalized session (up to an hour) with a librarian specializing in the search, use and management of scientific information.


  • Do you need support in the query in the library catalog?
  • Do you want to know how to properly download an ebook?
  • Do you want to know how to make a bibliography correctly?
  • Want to know the best scientific information resources in your field of work?
  • Looking for information for your TFG, TFM or doctoral thesis?
  • Do you have doubts about the use of Mendeley or another reference manager?
  • Want to know how to select scientific journals to publish your article?
  • Do you have doubts about open access and Creative Commons licenses?
  • Want to know what are the copyright issues that affect your work or publication?
  • Do you want to create an ORCID author ID and need support?
  • Do you need to know the impact of your publications?
  • Do you want to make a didactic video and do not know how to do it?

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L'auto-recording videos It is a completely autonomous service in which, prior reservation, the user can register so that a teacher can evaluate certain generic competences, especially oral communication, or want to self-evaluate by simulating the defense of your project The availability of the resulting video is immediate (a URL is generated), without the need for post-edition or technical support staff.

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Because we not only provide books, we also offer everything that can help you in the development of your activity: laptops, e-readers, calculators, etc.

Check the features and availability.

The library makes one annual report which includes the articles published by the researchers of the Terrassa Campus in journals indexed in the Journal Citation Report.

If you are interested in...

  • participating in informal practical activities in English
  • improving your listening skills
  • working your fluency
  • being able to give your opinion on a topic in a short time

... every Wednesday, from 12.15 to 13.15h to 'TR5 Building. Plant 0. 0.1 classroom

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Do you want to know how to locate, evaluate and use the information effectively? Libraries offer training courses to improve on the search and use of information.

Training sessions on informational skills are taught directly from libraries or integrated into the subjects of the study plans of the UPC, with the aim of developing generic competence solvent use of information resources from the admission of students to the university until the completion of postgraduate studies.

Training and support offer for:

  • Undergraduate students
  • Master's, doctorate and post-doctorate - Calendar of sessions
  • Teaching and research staff
  • External to the UPC
  • Find out: web tutorial on information skills

In the Library we can record the digital certificate in your card. If you are interested, request an appointment to the address biblioteca.campus.terrassahe

The Electronic Resources Department is a classroom equipped with 20 computers converted into workstations.

Access is restricted to members of the community UPC and authorized users (inform the board of the 2a plant of the Library).

The access data is the same as in the other computer rooms on the campus:

user *: nom.cognoms
password: DNI + letter

* if the username contains more than 20 characters, you must enter the 20 first characters.

Virtual WorkThrough the service VirtualWork You can run the usual classroom software without having to have it installed or have a license file, only by accessing the virtualized application portal and directly executing the program.

+ information

The Library offers several spaces to better adapt to your needs.

From the library you can use the Wifi UPC in order to connect your computer, smartphone, etc. to the Internet network.

  • Management of the bibliographic collections of the department: organization, cataloging and advice in the management of the bibliographic collections of the departmental bibliographic collections.
  • Loan to workplace: request and received in loan documents of the UPC without having to move to the library
  • Obtaining documents: request or copy of documents that are not available in the libraries of the UPC, as well as articles and rules available at UPC.
  • Application to purchase documents in charge of the department: processing of the acquisition of documents for the department. Send the request to: biblioteca.campus.terrassa@ with the data of the document and those of the department that makes the purchase.
  • Recommendation of purchase of documents and subscriptions: You can recommend the purchase or subscription of some document for the library.
  • The Factory / Video It supports the development of multimedia teaching material.
  • Information skills training: customized training activities in the use of research support information resources (databases, research assessment indicators, reference managers, intellectual property, etc.).
  • Advice: support in activities related to the location, use and management of specialized information.
Letter of services for the search of the BCT

Support for ... posting

  • Selection of the journals to publish
  • Publication in open access (UPCommons)
  • Compliance with the requirements of national competitive projects (Law of Science) and Europeans (2020 Horizon)
  • Intellectual property, copyrights and ethical use of information
  • Publishing books, magazines, etc.

Support for ... research

  • Bibliography Reference Managers (Mendeley)
  • Document Obtaining (SOD)
  • 2.0 tools applied to the search
  • Information skills training
  • Search for specialized information
  • Localization of information sources (databases, etc.)
  • Management of data generated in the search

Support for ... visibility, impact and evaluation

  • Future: Portal of the researchers' production of the UPC
  • Quality of the information of the publications
  • Support for information from the research group and the researchers
  • Access to the full text of publications
  • Visibility of publications to improve the impact
  • Accreditations (quality marks of publications)
  • Quality review of DRAC publications
  • Request for remarkable congresses

Support for ... research identity

  • Scientific name
  • Choose from the unique Bibliographical Name (NBU) of the author and the research group
  • Duplicity of author names in Scopus and Web of Science
  • Scientific identifiers
  • ResearcherId (Web of Science)
  • Scopus Author ID
  • Identity in the social networks of research
  • Altmetrics and Google Scholar Citations

    If you can not request the document through the PUC or you do not find the document you are looking for anywhere, you can apply through the Interlibrary Loan (IP).

    Request a document for PI More information

    The Library has 20 cabinets to deposit personal objects of its users. These are located in the lobby of the building. The Library is not responsible for the objects stored in the slogan that may disappear for any reason.

    L'schedule of service is 9 has 20.30 h. The key must be returned to the loan desk before 20.30 h the same day. On the days the library has special hours, the key must be returned to the loan desk half an hour before its closure.

    You can use armariets all members of the community of UPC while using the library's facilities.

    To use them a key must be requested at the loan desk, upon presentation of the user card of the libraries of the UPC. The keys are returned to the loan desk.

    The loan of the keys does not alter the total number of documents that can be borrowed.

    No lockers will be provided to users who have the locked loan service.

    El delay in returning the key it is penalized with the blocking of the right to remove documents on loan until the key has not been returned. Every day of delay in return is sanctioned with 5 days of delay accumulated in the loan history.

    In case of loss of the key, the user must pay 10 euros.

    Do you want to propose the purchase of a document for the Library?

    Request the purchase

    You can now also contact the Library via Chat Service using your credentials UPC ( o With the chat service we answer your queries instantly:

    Once you have validated yourself write biblioteca.campus.terrassa inside the search box and you will find us. Our opening hours are from 9 am to 14 pm every working day.

    We use the Google Suite tools that the UPC has made it available to the university community.

    If the query requires it, we will start a video conference with the G-Suite Meet tool.

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    Last update: 20 / 05 / 2020