Historical background

The library has collections from different documentary collections, own or other entities such as AEG Electric Motors and ABB Generación SA


Old background BCT
This collection consists of more than 2.200 books published prior to 1950 and scientific topics, especially textile engineering: machinery, fabric techniques, ...

Much of the collection is teaching material of the specialty of expertise and textile engineering of the Terrassa Industrial School.

The books are all entered into the catalog UPC and they are in a special room of the 2a plant. To consult them, you must contact the library staff.



Historical background of Science and Engineering (BCT)

ex librisLa collection of documents Historical about astronautics is made up of literary works of fiction about space trips from different periods, space travel novels written by non-scientific authors that include scientific-scientific justifications and novels and treatises written by scientists. Another collection of books from the collection is the first scientific-technical books on the rocket as an ingenuity able to navigate outside the Earth's atmosphere. Also those published by the first tractors and disseminators of space travel. A special section is that of the first books on the dissemination of astronautics published in Spanish. There are also more generic books that include chapters devoted to the history of the idea of ​​space travel in other worlds and which serve as a compilation of bibliographic sources on the subject. In addition, we find air navigation history books as they share anxiety in parallel with that of space travel. The collection includes some astronomical divulgation works that have some connotation of space travel and the possibility of other inhabited worlds.

As for the temporal extension of the main works, it goes from ancient times to around 1957, the date of the first artificial satellite Sputnik which in my opinion marked a first step from fiction to reality. .

AEG FundsThe 26 of May of the 2004 signed the agreement to transfer the documentary fund and a series of prototypes of the company AEG Eletric Motors to the City Council of Terrassa and at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. At present, the Municipal Archive of Terrassa is conducting the cataloging and inventory of the fund in close collaboration with the UPC.

In a first phase of archival work, between the 2004 and the 2005 media, a provisional inventory of the documentation of the Accounting Department and a 40% of the Technical Documentation of the company has been carried out. The greatest effort has been the classification of more than 60.000 drawings and plans that the company has left. In the absence of a definitive count the fund is made up of 300 linear meters of documentation, 60.000 plans, 507 photographs, 1 film and approximately 2.000.000 microfilms. The chronological range is from 1910 to 1999, and documents the functioning of a metallurgical company with a lot of involvement of Terrassen citizens who worked there sometime in their lives.

The AEG also emphasized to be a key point in understanding the workers' struggle during the years of the Franco dictatorship and the democratic transition in the Vallès Occidental and Catalonia. At the same time, the company was a driving force in the production of top-notch engines throughout Europe.

The fund is deposited at'Historic Archive of Terrassa - Comarca del Vallès Occidental. Information about history and its content can be consulted at SAC (Science Archive Services).

The Terrassa Campus Library is a depository of an important fund ABB documentary collectiondocumentary by the Sabadell electricity company ABB Generación SA (formerly La Electricidad, SA).

ABB, and its predecessor, La Electricidad, has been one of the most important companies in the manufacture of electric machines in our country. In this background you can find, for example, the original designs of alternators, motors and other electrical machines that were manufactured by ABB throughout its existence.

The ABB documentary set includes different documentary types such as books, magazines, technical drawings, test calculations, etc. This fund is currently comprised of the following sections:

  • Technical Library: set consisting of more 150 monographs, industrial catalogs, technical standards on electrical machines and related materials.
  • Technical news archive: collection of magazines on electrical matters.
  • Technical file: set of technical drawings (on plant paper and microfibre) of machines manufactured by ABB throughout its trajectory. Complementary materials such as test calculations, product catalogs and record books of manufactured models are also included. In total there are 20.000 microfiche and some 5.000 drawings on vegetable paper.

The consultation of this fund is public, but a visit date must be requested previously.

Last update: 18 / 12 / 2018