The Terrassa Campus Library is specialized in documentation and information resources in the field of the engineering industrialaerospace,  telecommunication (audiovisual systems) i health Sciences.

Technical collections

See the teaching bibliography of the degrees taught at the Terrassa Campus. Most of these books are in electronic format:

You can consult them in the Exams repository UPC (ESEIAAT, FOOT) from any computer connected to the network UPC.

UPCommons It allows online queries for end-of-degree projects, master's degree projects and final year projects presented in the schools of the Terrassa Campus of the year 2004 in future, as long as the author is authorized. Check them recommendations i the requirements for the delivery of work in digital format.

ESEIAAT academic works    Academic work FOOT 

CITM academic works     Official master's works   

The Terrassa Campus Library presents the collection Cultures of the world, a website to learn about cultural diversity around the world. This collection allows you to enjoy various artistic expressions from each country, putting at your disposal a set of novels, films, music and national and international cookbooks.



El historical background of the BCT It is made up of collections from different documentary collections, own or other entities such as AEG Eletric Motors and ABB Generación SA

Collection of books that deal with the lives and works of the best known scientists in all areas of knowledge. Biographies are part of the Library and Humanism collection (available all year), which, with more than 1.000 books, contains essays on ethics and philosophy of science, dissemination monographs and manuals on the subject of society knowledge Highlight the 18 volumes of the prestigious and exclusive Dictionary of Scientifics Biography.

The collection can be located under the topographic BIH.

The collection of comics deals, in various ways and from various angles, with the aeronautical theme within the fantasy world of comics.

 "Comic and aeronautics" collection   

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