Mendeley reports that on September 1, Mendeley Desktop will be permanently replaced by its new Mendeley Reference Manager interface and the new Mendeley Cite citation plugin. Although users who already have Mendeley Desktop installed will still be able to use it, Mendeley will not update or support it, and will eventually disappear.

Word documents containing citations and bibliographies created with the Mendeley Desktop citation plugin (Mendeley Cite-o-Matic) are not supported by the new Mendeley Reference Manager citation plugin (Mendeley Cite). In order to be able to continue working normally with these documents, it is necessary to carry out an update process that basically consists of:

  • uninstall the Mendeley Desktop Word plugin from the Mendeley Desktop "Tools" option
  • install the new Mendeley Cite plugin in Word
  • open a document created with the Mendeley Desktop plugin in Word where only the Mendeley Cite is now installed (you must first make a copy to avoid losing information)
  • Once the document is open, open Mendeley Cite which will automatically detect that the document contains references created with Mendeley Desktop and open a window titled "Update this document"
  • from now on, just follow the on-screen instructions

Feel free to contact yours library if you need more information.