0 plant

 You will find the counter of the information and loan service. 

The library has 40 armariets distributed between the lobbies on the 0th floor and on the 1st floor.

  • Floor 0: 16 small lockers and 8 large lockers for motorcycle / bike helmets and suitcases.  
  • 1st floor (training classroom): 16 small lockers 


Service operation

  • The armariets can be used by all members of the community of the UPC while they are inside the library.

  • To use them you must ask for a key at loan desk, upon presentation of the card of the UPC. The key will be returned to the loan desk.

  • The "key loan" will not alter the total number of documents that can be borrowed.

  • The service hours are the opening hours of the library. The key must be returned to the loan desk before 19pm on the same day.

  • On the days when the library has a special schedule, the key must be returned to the lending desk half an hour before the library closes.

  • The Library is not responsible for the objects stored in the slogan that may disappear for any reason.

  • The delay in the return of the closet key will be penalized: the user will not be able to make use of the laptop and books loan, or the work rooms, until the key has returned. Every day of delay in the return of the key will be sanctioned with 5 days in the loan history and, once returned, you can not take laptops on loan or book work rooms for a week.

  • In case of loss of the key the user will have to pay 10 euros.

  • No cabinet will be provided to users who have the blocked loan service for the accumulation of fines or other causes.

Plants 1 and 2

Book a room 


We have 12 sales aimed at users who need a space for study or collective work. 

The rooms are equipped with blackboards, ask for the case of markers and eraser to the loan staff (floor 0). You can also borrow a projector to rehearse group presentations with your classmates.

9 Sales with prior reservation (plant 2)



  • 6 sales for group work of 2 people i 3 sales of a person. Check the floor plan 2
  • They have been installed air purifiers to each room.






This occupation below is not operational as long as these exceptional measures are maintained:

6 sales for the work of groups up to 6 people (3 minimum and maximum 6 people) i 3 sales for individual work or small groups of 2 people (1 minimum and maximum 2 people).





3 Sales without previous reservation (plant 1)


  • 3 sales for group work with group work tables of a maximum of 2 people, WITHOUT PREVIOUS RESERVATION. Check the floor plan 1
    • Training room
    • Room "Study": in this classroom there are tables for 4 people, with jobs separated by 1,5 meters
    • "Read" Room 


This occupation below is not operational as long as the exceptional measures are maintained:

2 sales for group work with capacity for 24 and 32 people respectively.


Terms of service at the BCBL Library

The operation of the rooms is governed by the Conditions of use of the group work rooms. In addition, in the BCBL:

  • The mask is mandatory inside the rooms.
  • The maximum number of hours you can book in a day is 4.
  • The maximum number of hours you can book during a week is 20.
  • The rooms will be occupied from 8 am to 30 pm during normal Library hours, or up to half an hour before closing during exceptional hours.
  • Once the reservation has been made, go to the loan desk (floor 0), where you will collect the clau of the classroom and the bag with eraser and markers. At the end of the occupation of the room, the key and the bag must be returned to the same place.
  • The room can not be left empty while the reservation lasts (more than 10 minutes).
  • The 9 group work rooms of the 2 plant incorporate one light indicator If the time of use of the room is exceeded, a red light will come on as a reminder of the end of the reservation.

1 plant

General roomIn this room you will find the shelves with general collections and related to field studies. 

You will also find study points with tables with plugs to connect your computer or other devices. The entire open space in the room is from work silent


Floor plan 1



Exceptional measurement COVID-19

You will be able to follow the virtual classes and work on the computers in the library's computer room. Due to security measures, we can offer 10 computers


- Places from 121 to 130

- Bring your headphones / microphone

- Some computers do not have a webcam

- Clean your computer before and after using it

- When you leave, leave the chair leaning on the table

- Log in to the computer with the local Windows 10 user (no password)



We also offer you 4 computers available upon reservation of study place on the 2nd floor of the library (places 131 to 134)


This information is not valid for the duration of the COVID-19 measures:

We offer a room equipped with 21 computers For all users that are part of the university community UPC and other users authorized by the head of the Library for uses exclusively related to teaching, research and learning activities. The time of the room is the same as the opening hours of the library. On the 2 floor you will also find 8 computers Equipped with the same software as those of the computer room.


Computers have an image installed with the software used on the campus. One of the computers in the computer room has scanner of public use (last row). To access computer software you can do it in two ways: by accessing the virtual desktop Ravada or access the local unit. Check it out videotutorial to access Ravada

If you are a student, PDI or PAS of the Campus of the Baix Llobregat you can print your work from the library. You can do this from your mobile, tablet, PC or laptop. See instructions


Quick access to computers


List of available software (November 2020)

RAVADA virtual desktop software for EETAC students

RAVADA virtual desktop software for EEABB students

Local software

Windows 10

7zip 7zip 7zip
Acrobat Reader  Acrobat Reader  Adobe Acrobat Reader
ADS 2020 Autocad 2018 AutoCAD 2018
Android SDK Dialux Autodesk DWG TrueView 2018
Android Studio Geoviewer Hello 3.0
Arduino GIMP Dialux


Hormiwin GVSIG 


IBM SPSS Statistics 24 HDL Works Scriptum
Genesys Java Hormiwin

Google Chrome

Free Office Iperf

IntelliJ IDEA

Maple 2019 Java
Internet Explorer 11 Matlab R2017a Free Office
Java Microsoft Office Pro 2016 Maple 2020
Java SE Development Kit (JDK) Microsoft Project Pro 2016 Matlab R2019a


Minitab 18 Mendeley Desktop
Labview 2016 Mozilla Firefox Microsoft Office Pro 2016

Lego WeDo 2.0

Netlogo Microsoft Project Pro 2016

Free Office

Octave 5.1.0 Microsoft (Visio Pro 2016, Visual Studio 2015)

Maple 2019

POV-Ray for Windows MiKTeX

Matlab R2019

PuTTY Minilog


QGIS 2.14.16 Minitab 19

Microsoft Office Pro 2016

R for Windows Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Project Pro 2016

R Studio NetBeans IDE

Microsoft (Silverlight, SQL server, VisioPro 2016, Visual C +++, Visual Studio 2010 and 2019)

SAGA GIS Netlogo


SimaPro Demo Octave 5.2.0


VLC PDFCreator

Minitab 18

WinEva PuTTY


Wireshark QGIS 2.14.16
ModelSim Altera Starter   R for Windows
Mozilla Firefox   R Studio
MPLAB    RFSim99

Notepad +++


Octave 5.1.0

  SolidWorks 2019
PDFCreator   TeamViewer
Proteus 8  






Quartus Prime

RFSim99   Wireshark

3 Scratch

  Google Chrome
SolidWorks 2019    














Book a classroom


The Library has a training classroom in the 1 plant of the library, with capacity for 20 people.

Classroom equipment

  • 1 computer for the trainer

  • 1 fixed projector cannon

  • 1 interactive whiteboard

  • Delivered to rows of tables

  • Software installed: basic software, Internet connection

Use of the classroom
The use of this room is reserved for teachers or staff of the Campus of the Baix Llobregat  They need a space to carry out a training activity of interest to the university community. To use the classroom you have to make a reservation using the CBL space reservation application.

In this space you can rest, relax, breakfast or snack ...

You will find sofas and poufs very comfortable, shelves with general collections (DVDs, language learning materials, travel guides ...). You will also find a section with bases to load your mobile devices.

You can support your laptop or tablet with ours pillows and you will work more comfortably

On the other side of the lobby you will find one coffee machine with tables with and stools to have a coffee ;-)  


Audiovisual production room

Do you need to submit your video resume? Want to record the content of one of your classes? Do you want to present your group work in video format? Discover the Audiovisual Production Service of the Campus del Baix Llobregat.

In this room we offer you this campus service, aimed at users of the Campus del Baix Llobregat (CBL), in use mode self-recording and self-publishing of videos related to the teaching and learning activity of the university and we also offer the modality with custom support. 

This service has been launched in conjunction with the support and collaboration of the EEABB and the EETAC, the ICT Area of ​​the CBL and the Campus Library of the Baix Llobregat.

The room is located in the Campus Library of the Baix Llobregat (floor 1)

Other audiovisual production centers of the UPC:


Modality with personalized support

Custom support for recording and editing videos. Service offered with the support of the ICT area of ​​the CBL.

Hours: Tuesdays from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. One individual reservation per day.

Users: PDI and PAS of the UPC

Prior appointment: personalized support


Self-service mode

Users: Students, PDI and PAS of the UPC

Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 14 p.m. Only one reservation per day and only one person per reservation.

Once the reservation has been made, go to the loan desk (floor 0), where a keychain with the space key and the material key is collected. At the end of the occupation of the room, it is necessary to lock the classroom and return the keys to the loan desk. 


Book the room 



Security and video surveillance

The space is video-monitored and constantly recorded by the Campus surveillance service. Any user is informed of its functionality with the information posters. In the event of misuse or damage to the material and equipment, the recordings will be accessed in order to identify those responsible. The sanctions for the misuse of the equipment and the space will find them detailed in in the loan regulation of the Library Service.

Audiovisual production room

For any queries or problems

  • Go to the Library loan desk on Floor 0 of the D7 building on the Campus.
  • Or call from the room phone terminal at extension 23544.

Manuals and operating instructions for the service 

Video editing software installed

  • OBS
  • KdenLive
  • OpenShot

Templates / covers production of videos

Examples of videos posted


Posting videos

  • If you are a PDI or PAS and want to publish your video (s) in open access contact the library for publication at Zonavideo UPC
  • The videos that do not want to spread in open access, must be published in other platforms of UPC


Copyright and image rights

Legal aspects that must be taken into account in the recording and / or dissemination of activities in which individuals appear, in order to protect their right to honor, personal and family privacy and their own image. In particular, a special mention is made in the recordings of classes, conferences, presentations or other academic activities of the university world.

Free and free resources

More information:


2 plant

General room of the 2 plantIn this room you will find reading and study points with tables with plugs to connect your computer or other devices. The entire open space in the room is from work silent


Floor plan 2

Individual work boatsWe offer you two rows with several individual spaces to work on silence. The ships are equipped with table and chair, work lamp, and sockets. Ships are not reserved. Do not leave your belongings alone when you leave your individual space for a while. 


Video of individual ships

You will find 8 computers to work, with the same software as computers in the computer room of the 1 plant. 


Computer room

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