If the book is not in the UPC use the PUC

If the book is not in the UPC use the PUC

You can now borrow books from other university libraries through DiscoveryUPC. We are reopening the web reservations of the Consortium Loan Service (PUC) with a new computer management system, which is still being adapted.

What is the PUC?
It is a free document loan service of the member libraries of the Consortium of University Libraries of Catalonia that allows users to obtain documents that are not available in the UPC.

How and where to apply for a loan?
You have two ways:

  • You can make a reservation through DiscoveryUPC. Select CCUC / PUC in the drop-down box in the search box, locate the document you want to reserve, log in to My Account and press the Request for PUC button. Don't forget to select the library where you want to receive the document.
  • You can go in person to the library where the documents are located, identifying yourself with the card UPC.

Who can use the PUC?

  • Users of the UPC authorized
  • With the updated registration in the database of users of the loan service of the UPC
  • No overdue documents on loan
  • No blocking due to penalties in the loan service

What to do if you have PUC documents from before the summer?
PUC loans pending repayment before the summer of 2021 will be gradually incorporated into your "My Account" space with a return date ofFebruary 1.