Access Engineering: New subscription

Access Engineering: New subscription

New subscription to the engineering database AccessEngineering by McGraw Hill. It is an engineering database, especially aimed at teachers, where you can find many useful resources for teaching: tools to prepare students to solve real-world problems, access to college-level textbooks, etc. .

Contains over 700 McGraw Hill books that are updated with new editions featuring:

  • short videos
  • with a practical part
  • virtual "class".
  • prepared spreadsheets
  • biomedical engineering case studies
  • graphs and tables
  • material database

Allows limited printing and/or downloading of articles and chapters. All books can be retrieved individually in DiscoveryUPC.

Last January 23, McGraw Hill presented the AccessEngineering database, you can see the session recording, prior identification with credentials UPC. New training sessions will soon be organized for teachers to get the most out of them.