Interlibrary Loans

The Interlibrary Loans Service (Servei d'Obtenció de Documents - SOD):

  • Provides the University members originals or copies of documents that are not available in UPC libraries.
  • Provides institutions and external users originals or copies available in UPC libraries.
  • Provides all kind of documents: books, journal articles, theses, technical reports, patents, proceedings, etc., from any country and in any language.
  • All documents requested through this Service are only for private use, for research or academic purposes.


How to make a request

If you are an UPC member:

Before making a request, you should search the UPC Libraries catalogue in order to see if the document is available at UPC. If so, you must go directly to any UPC library.

If the document is not present in a UPC library, we can also search documents in other libraries abroad for you. Please fill the document request form .

If you are an UPC member and you would like to borrow a document from another Catalan public university library (CSUC), you can use Préstec Consorciat (PUC) service.

External users:

Please fill the document request form .

How much it costs?

Costs depends on the type of document requested and where it can be found. You will be informed of the costs when making your request.

More information:

  • UPC libraries
  • Servei d’Obtenció de Documents:
    Tel. +34 93 401 74 89


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