eBIB : access to the electronic resources of the UPC’s digital library

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eBIB is the service that improves access to the electronic resources of the UPC's digital library (books, journals and databases) from and from outside UPC. This service operates through the OCLC’s EZProxy.

Requirements for accessing

  • You must be a member of the UPC community, under the Terms of Use PDF
  • You must have log-in credentials (username and password) for the UPC’s Intranet or virtual campuses.

This access system is individual and non-transferable.

How to install eBIB button

Drag the button below to your bookmarks bar. Don't click on the button!



See the eBIB manual PDF for further information about how to install the eBIB button and how to access e-resources from your device and your browser.

How to access

Go to the homepage of the resource and: 

  • Press the eBIB button that you installed in your sidebar if you are accessing the resource through an external search engine (e.g. Google), a shortcut, a bookmark or a website (Bibliotècnica, Publica!, Atenea or the University Union Catalogue of Catalonia (CCUC), etc.).
  • Access is activated automatically if you're accessing the resource through the DiscoveryUPC, through the UPC Library Catalogue, through the + Options button button, through the link "Accedeix a Biblioteca UPC" on Google Scholar or through this information resources list New window

Logging in

When eBIB is activated, the system will prompt you to log in. Enter your username and password for the UPC's intranets. For further information, see Section 8 of the manual PDF .


The session times out:

Terms of use

The resources to which the UPC is subscribed are subject to the terms set out in the licences of the provider or publisher of each product. These licences allow only private, non-profit uses for purposes of study, teaching or research by authorised users. Please refer to the Terms of Use Nova finestra.


If you need any further information, please contact your library or write to info.bibliotequescorreu electrònicupc.edu.

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